Squeee worthy phone stand -Narwhal


@Jules @jbv. Thanks for the inspiration…Lol. My son snatched this one up.
Probably could have done with a bit better cleaning since I didnt use a mask. (doesn’t do well on the light shading with masking since it doesn’t cut all the way through using the lighter settings, but will up the power next time and use a mask…)
Narwhal.pdf (22.5 KB)

Narwhals! So Many Narwhals!
So, Day Two and this happened
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I’m out of likes, but I love this SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO MUCH! :heart_eyes:


wow!!! this is wonderful and the light etching of the shadows is a wonderful idea :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:



That is your best one to date, and you come up with some adorable schist! :smile: :squeeee::squeeee:


Really nice. Thank you.



This suffers from terminal cuteness. Men should not look at it too long as it reduce testosterone levels 50% (truthfully some men could use the reduction). :wink: - Rich


Such a good design placement and use of the drawing in the space provided. Very cute.


Like all your other Holiday designs, this one is simply charming. You are so generous to share!


love then design. Very cute.


This is why I love Corel Draw…makes it easy to draw stuff like this. Didn’t take that long either. I draw way faster and better on the computer…lol


You have some of the best ideas and I am learning so much from you. I am noticing the double lines that you use on lots of your projects. I am still working on learning CorelDraw, and all of your projects are such great inspiration. Thank you for sharing. :grin::grin:


Are you talking about the outline? Easy with CorelDraw using contour.


Thanks again for yet again another great project.


Well, this is the cutest thing I have seen all day.


I’m stoked.


Awesomeness!!! So cute! :grin:


Uh-oh! Got that song stuck in my head again! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Super cute! Although I must say the horn on a narwhal is actually a tooth. Given the location of it’s mouth I’d say this one’s tooth is growing through it’s brain. Though maybe cartoon narwhal anatomy is different. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well yeah. They’re mer-unicorns. Everybody knows that.