Vent Specifics

Cool plans.

Where in NJ are you located? I also purchased a GF Pro and line in Essex county! I put my location on the google map someone set up on this forum.

I haven’t personally tried these yet, but I think Our Glowforges deserve something like this: Don’t you? The starter kit comes with 2 gates, so I guess I’d want to use the other one to suck fumes from my 3d printer :wink:

I am down in Mercer County

Ryan, What is the link for that Google map? I am in Somerset County, would love to see where everyone is. I can’t wait to get my Glowforge.

Hey GlowForgers,

I started a Google map so GlowForge supporters706 can share where they are and see where others are too!

Edit: I started the map and included my referral link. I would really appreciate if the person who keeps editing my link would stop doing that.

I added myself to get the ball rolling. :smile:



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Very cool - I just added in my “pin”

That is pretty cool - expensive but if I was going with a permanent setup, might be worth it. Thanks for posting.

Water would be a bad coolant choice in my climate. Especially for shipping. I don’t expect my storage temps to go below freezing once it arrives, but I’d hate to worry about my laser freezing if something goes wrong with heating in the space I’m using. I would imagine propylene glycol could be switched out in most applications where water would be used.

Our pumps are up to it, but I’ve seen at least one chiller shut down because it couldn’t handle the extra viscosity.

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Apple tried it too in some of the higher end G5’s. There was a high failure rate, and when it failed it was well… Spectacular.

Nice resource, thank you.

Super cool…just added my pin :grinning::grinning:

BitB - I was thinking about the same set up with venting through our sawdust collection system too. Is there any danger in venting this way or possibility of an ember getting into the system and causing a fire? Do you know if there is a filter between the laser bed and the venting system that would mitigate this?

The GF unit does not have a filter in the exhaust run.