Ventilation Ducting

Looking at options for the ventilation ducking from the Glowforge, seen this, but not sure if will cause a backwash into the Glowforge.

As long as the duct size is compatible with the CFM, you should be good. You can use an online ductulator to determine what is necessary, but I’m sure that there are going to be changes to the CFM that the Glowforge exhaust fan moves by the time the production units come around.

The duct size has always been stated as a standard 4" dryer duct, and I believe a hose will be included. That being said, there are many different kinds of dryer hoses, from flexible plastic to flexible metal to solid. The more solid the better as the cheap plastic/foil ones can sag and constrict and thereby make your ventilation less efficient. I plan on putting my GF as close to the window as possible and running the shortest possible semi-rigid metal hose as straight as possible out the window.

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good idea, but in case anyone want’s to get crazy or the specs change after the betas go out (gotta be prepared for anything) or you want to customize your own ductwork or the hose isn’t long enough depending on where you want to place the Glowforge in your home due to personal preference, I’ll throw out some numbers for fun: a 4" hose with a .1 loss per 100 feet due to friction coefficient sets the CFM of the exhaust at 40 - which should be more than enough. As long as the bad air goes where you want it to, you’re good.

Assuming it has no bends in it. But I would want to know what the fan is rated for before I make that statement.
Many fans have a steep CFM dropoff curve when you start adding static to them.

I’m pretty sure you have to buy your own hose

@Dan stated that it’s designed for 8’ of 4" hose.

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From the Glowforge Specs page for the Basic without Air Filter… It needs ventilation via the provided 4″ diameter (10.2cm) hose.

I’m pretty sure that just the basic/no-filter will come with the hose.

This was in response to a question about the pro w/filter:

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This is absolutely true. So without knowing or having access to the exact specifications we’re stuck with guesswork. here is an ashrea page that goes over dryer exhaust loss for anyone with an interest.

So making one’s own hose set up would be a useful idea when working in an area when ventilation isn’t a problem - stretch the 600 dollar filter! :wink:

Hmmm. Might mean both the Pro and the Basic. But I can’t know. The filter unit ships separately and you can order a Pro without the filter unit. So there is really no reason to assume packing it in one and not the other. Not that it really matters. I live in the deep dark mountains of WV and even I can get a decent cheap dryer hose in 30 minutes.

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Oh, what part of WV? I’m from Feyette County

On the Hardy/Hampshire county line. Saw your pin on the Map.

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I don’t think I ever went that far NE. Closest I lived was in Kanawa County in South Charleston. My fiance’s mother lives up on the NW side in Point pleasant though. Gotta love the Mothman
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I’m in spring hill :smile:

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Just a hop and a skip away :slight_smile: maybe we can start a Glowforgers for Florida community

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Awesome idea! Whoever gets theirs first is gonna have to share some of their projects and results to tide the rest of us over lol

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Definately :+1: I am supremely eager to bring the limitless creativity to life

Hose does come with basic - just not with the filter version (basic+air or pro).