Ventilation Ducting

Jacksonville, FL here! Florida Forgers Unite!

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Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:

and wonder twin powers activate!

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@Dan I assume the hose comes with the Pro if the no-filter choice is made, right?

The reason for asking about the ducting, is it is low profile, so i can get the Glowforge closer to the wall.

@dan When you have a free moment, Can you take a quick picture of the rear of the GF?

I know @dan has said that, if you have the filter, you can switch between using the filter and using a hose. I just looked and can’t find that post. Did he state whether you have to remove the filter to use the hose? I’ll make do either way but it will make me slightly less likely to switch back and forth if I have to physically lift the GF onto and off of the filter to switch between venting options. Being in a cold environment (New Hampshire), I will likely vent to outside most of the year and use the filter in the coldest months.

You can see a very brief glimpse of the dryer hose coming out the back of a pre-production unit on this video. Watch at about 2:52 min. The plastics should not have changed so much that the venting is different.

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Yeah. I’ve seen that. But if @dan has a free moment and take a quick picture- it would answer a couple of the questions here. Versus scrubbing thru a video.

I don’t think it was specified. But I would assume you just do not turn on the fans for the filter. Then the natural air flow will be out the duct (not blocked by filter, easier airflow. Some minimal amount will still push through the filter, but a very minimal amount).

With the filter on, the fans from the filter will be strong enough that no air flow goes out through the duct (and it may even draw air in through it, if the duct is left open)

Pure supposition here.

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That answers any setup questions I had about it. If you have setup a clothes dryer then you could setup that vent hose. They make window adapter’s too.

Thank you. Good to know.

You’ve said the filter may ship at a potentially significantly different time than the main glowforge.

Has this changed or can we get a hose included under this situation?

My understanding is that the connection from the Glowforge to the filter is with a short duct from it’s normal vent to a similar intake hole on the filter below. To switch it would involve unhooking the short one and connecting the long one that goes out the window.

Good point about including a hose with filter units that haven’t had their filters shipped yet - will investigate.


I second a request for a photo of the back of the basic and pro, so we can see the actual duct output port on the GlowForge.

Another brief glimpse to add to what @rpegg already posted was this Tested interview at 17min 46sec. But perhaps you are looking for a straight shot. I was looking at images as well since I think I may have to add an immediate elbow fitting off the back with slim profile like some of those metal adapters that let you back the appliance closer to the wall.

Just incase anyone missed @dan 's post

This is a bit of an old post but the only one close enough to the questions I had regarding the Air Filter. My plan is to use the Air Filter during winter and in the summer just duct the air out the window. I’ve built an vent panel for the window to prevent the smoke returning but it’s not good enough to prevent hold air from returning into the room.

Now that they are starting to be delivered I think this question is easier to answer.

The question is: Can I have the Air Filter still connected but turned off and only use the vent. When I do this how much effort would it be to switch from one config to the other.

  • Do I need to make changes each time
  • Just switching on/off the AirFilter do the job
  • I have to remove the AirFilter compleatly

You’ll need to make changes each time.

Nobody has a filter yet, so we have to rely on previous information from the forum.

The glowforge will sit on top of the filter and be connected through a u-shaped connector on the back. You’ll need to change between the connector to the air filter and the hose to the window vent.

There have been lots of posts on people making vent panels that do work. One of the issues to be addressed is the air that returns from the gap between the open bottom window and the unopened top window behind.

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