Very Frustrated Continued ---

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You should post these in the thread you already opened. Each new thread here in P&S opens a new support ticket, which along with the email tickets you’ve already opened is a lot of duplicates which will slow things down. :slight_smile:


The cable doesn’t look completely seated in the top right pic.

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I have not received any thing from Glowforge about next steps.

I was just trying to link back to other thread. You should let them know.

I have been trying but apparently I only get so many replies and have not been able to post here for 24 hours!!!

Thank you for the photos of your lid cable connections. Unfortunately it looks like our emails still aren’t coming through. Since everything is connected correctly, it’s likely that there is an issue with the lid cable. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I recommend we replace that cable. Even though we usually don’t work within private messages on the community forum (in order to avoid possible missed communications in case an agent is out of the office) I’ll be in touch privately very soon to coordinate getting you a replacement part.