Very Modern housewarming gift


I helped some friends move a bit ago and have since made them a housewarming gift. They fall into the category of wonderfully odd people. :slight_smile: This is a take on a Victorian shop sign. The body, skull, and red background are all cut on the Glowforge while the black detail was engraved and painted black.The letters were just scored and the paper backing removed which let me easily paint them by hand. From design to final paint I think this took about 4 hours total. Oh, the red disc had the skull lightly scored on it as well. I did that so I could spray paint the whole thing red and after peeling the remaining sticker off still have bare wood to glue the skull to later.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 25th, 2017

I love how this design considered not only the print but the unmasking to create the final product!


Wow, what a great piece!


Once I realized I had very accurate masking over the whole thing after scoring it became useful in many ways.


Very nice! Nothing like being able to tailor a gift with such attractive materials so easily. The selective weeding for paint really brings the value to masking!
Great work, thanks for sharing that! I’m sure they will be pleased.


Cool. A taxidermist too.

A family friend is a taxidermist. Probably going on 70 or so now. He bemoans the lack of new people entering the field. He would really like to be able to sell or even give his business to someone. But it doesn’t look like he will. He’s got enough critters in his freezers that the people cleaning out his place after he dies could be in for some unsettling surprises :grinning:

Last time I was over there was a bobcat toes up on top of the freezer in the mudroom defrosting :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Coolest of signs! :sunglasses::+1:



People who know him are unfazed. Others do tend to freak out the first time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My sister bought a house from a guy who was into taxidermy down in Louisiana…she said the neighborhood toughs still avoid the place like the plague! :smile:


“Yeah, I’ma stuff that sombi#ch and stand 'em right over thar.”

“Kids? see that house right there?..” Good campfire stories.


Many vocations are headed that way. I did a photo trip from the delta of the Mississippi to the headwaters in MN, interviewing and doing portraits along the way; I spent a few days with a few different commercial fishermen and that was one of their sentiments - that people are getting old, retiring and no one (or not many) are filling their shoes.


Super neat!! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing (and for the painting tips).


Not only is the sign cool, but a lot of cool tips in the write up.


You’re both welcome. Glad my post is helpful :slight_smile:


Looks really great! Yeah, the method of paining engraved areas is really intriguing. The results look great I think. Using the masking to the next level


Awesome! You describe it as very modern and I won’t disagree, but the design and execution, are, as you mention, very ‘victorian.’ It also reminds me of some sort of nouveau coat of arms. We visited a Scottish castle that had coats of arms all around the dining room; I always imagined they were given to the laird as housewarming gifts (I have no idea if that’s true). I loved the idea and wanted to do something similar, but no one I know (including myself) actually has a coat of arms. Your design is just the kind of thing I wanted, but never could conceive myself. It’s really excellent!


Thats gorgeous!! I love the mirroring of the top cut out in the etching on the sides. The red really makes the skull pop…


SO nice! Love every bit of it! From design to execution!

Speaking of gifts, but brother made me laugh yesterday… “So I think this year instead of buying you guys Christmas presents, I’ll design something for each of you, send you the files, and you can print it all out on your Glowforge on Christmas day.” Talk about modern day gift-giving!


I loves me a good taxi man / woman!


I think everyone needs a full flying turkey mount!

And one day, post-Glowforge arrival, I will design something to appropriately display this moose shed: