Viking funeral


This is sort of made on a Glowforge? Does anyone else have small Viking funerals with their scraps? Just me?

Anyhoo, I made a bonfire.

Scraps burn really well, as you can see. Easy match light.

Issues with precision
What to do with scrap
Glowforge funeral pyre: Sad Farewell to My Friends
How do I engrave a complete shape (no pattern) I just want to remove an area

There are two kinds of people; those who see scraps as kindling and me who would cram those little empty spaces with something to cut :rofl:

There’s some there and there and there and…



I too see material going up if flames instead of becoming works of art.


Yeah given that’s it’s balticbirch those scraps represent about a dime apiece. Economically it makes no sense for me to cut the usable parts down and store them unless it’s fairly large and easy. I have more scraps than I can use already.

Now my hardwoods, those scraps I hoard.


NOOO! I see lots of good pieces for testing or making smaller objects. My “bring out your dead” scraps are typically no thicker than 1/4".


I hear ya, but I got way more materials than time lately :slight_smile:


Noooooooooo! I can make a dozen things out of those scraps! :wink:


But, but… Fire !!
Poor man’s shiny.

Kick in the way back machine again (just not so far back this time) and it can be said it was not Evans fault.


Is it hypocritical for me to ‘like’ the comments from both @Jules and @brokendrum?


Naw! I liked it too! :smile:


What Viking funeral??? For sure they will beat the Saints Sunday, and then Atlanta to be the first Super Bowl team in history to play in their home stadium for the Super Bowl! I’m getting ready for some super bowl parties here in MN, Glowforge will be working overtime. Here is a wooden spoon, LII=references the 2018 edition of the super bowl (#52).

Power level 30 and max speed produced darkening without significant depth cutting, probably good for being able to clean up after food contact. Skol Vikings!


So many potential wine glass name trinkets going up in flames!


Oh, the humanity… and the carbon footprint :wink: :wink: :slight_smile:


I still can’t get myself to burn my scrap pile. It’s terrible.


I just hear the sad horns wailing in the dark…


So many usable pieces! Ouch