Vinyl-like mask

There have been discussions about “non-pvc”, laser friendly, vinyl-like material for signs, heavy duty masks, etc. Buying expensive rolls of laser-friendly “vinyl like” material from laser and sign supply websites was not an option for experimentation.

I recently discovered an eco-friendly vinyl replacement that I can buy in square foot sheets. It allows me to cut stencils in my GF for sandblasting or painting and expand the usage of my GF. Here’s a sandblast project cut with my GF and sandblasted.

Graftacks comes in multiple colors.


Wow! This looks perfect!! So nice of you to share.

I’ve been looking for something like this on and off for a few years for a friend. :slight_smile:

Which product did you use? The laminate?


I too had been looking for years. The only supplier I could find in the USA is


Very nice. I did sand carving for a long time. There used to be an excellent forum for sand carvers but it closed a few years ago.


Speaking of forums, I went looking for cheaper alternatives, $1/square foot seemed kind of high. I stumbled into this site, what a bunch of grumpy jerks.

This is why we need to quash grumpy people like this here, it’s not a very far jump from helpful to aggressive jerkishness.

Anyhoo, @daskeland, this is a nice source, it’s hard to find non HTV colorful non pvc film, thanks.

Now… have you seen my vacuum table?

And/or my fan reducers?


Also, did you ever try to get a kiss cut with this stuff? I figure it must be possible, it’s just a matter of finding the right settings. I should order some of this, it’s really not a bad price.

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