Waiting for February Monthly update


Did I miss it?


The January update was posted on January 5th: New Years Update (Jan '17)

The February update should be coming in the next couple days.


I saw that one. You are correct. I should have been asking for the Feb. update. I was able to edit the topic to correctly reflect my question.


Not yet.


You really can’t “miss” it. All announcements are, well, in the Announcements section.

Keep your eyes there and you’ll be fine. I’d expect some announcement sometime within the next 3 weeks.


I would really like @dan to address the basic question of where we exactly are along the path to full-scale production and delivery.

Are you:

  • a) still in beta testing
  • b) pre-production release with limited numbers being fielded
  • c) satisfied with the pre-production units and nearing production
  • d) ready for production … or
  • e) just filling up the supply chain to begin full-scale production and shipping to the masses

Also, the same question could be said for the software side of the equation. Just how satisfied are you with the build as of today? Could today’s build yield satisfactory results for 90% of us or are you trying to hit a grand slam on your first at bat?

I don’t think answers to these questions would give away too much information to the competition.

thanks, Brian


Ha! The wit is strong with this one. :wink:


Actually, wasn’t trying to be witty (this time). Just that there’s no guarantee there will be any announcement this month. But I do expect one. Dan has said he will communicate more often, but I don’t think he said definitely every month.


In the December update thread, he did say monthly updates (in post 63 of that thread).


Exactly. It is time for an update. It seems like the least we should expect. We have been very patient with our Glowforge order, I know many don’t think it’s a lot to ask.
The last one appears to have come out on the 5th, and it’s now the 6th. That’s why I ask.


Please pardon the bluntness, but monthly pretty much means in that month.

I look forward to hearing from @dan (and would like to see it at the first week of the month), but if he has things he is aggregating to present as a substantial monthly report/announcement, then it has to be at his time frame.

As it stands right now, any and all announcements are in the Announcements section.


I spent a good 10 minutes looking for that comment and gave up. Haha thanks for finding it.


I just searched on “monthly update” on the whole forum and then again within that thread.


I don’t know what you’re expecting, but Dan has, generally, said that he’s not going to say anything of any substance. You know, like the things everybody hear wants to know. My guess is some vague lines about progress that’ll hardly be worth waiting for and how the pre-release users are producing amazing things (which they are!) and they’re learning from that, etc.

The real questions, IMHO, are:

  1. Are you meeting the expectations that you laid out? (Manufacturing hundreds this month? On target for “thousands” in just 2 more months?)
  2. Have you shipped a single production unit yet?
  3. Is the software done?
  4. Is the owner’s manual even done? You expected to mass ship months ago, so I’m presuming it is, but I’d certainly love to read it now.
  5. Any changes in previously-announced shipping schedule? (Hopefully for the better.)


just a thought, but if production units are supposed to start going out this month. I think it’s reasonable that @dan will want to wait until the first one is out, point to it excitedly and say something like “IT HAS BEGUN!” If that happens anytime this month, I’ll be ecstatic.


Me 2


Well, that’s all about the wording, isn’t it…

Never says anything about production units vs pre-production. Never says when things’ll be shipped, just manufactured. So, you can infer some things, but wouldn’t it just be easier to state something plainly?


Very true, which is why I was saying “if”. If hundreds of units are being manufactured in February, it doesn’t necessarily mean any are production. But IF there is that possibility, it would explain a delay on Dan’s part to update us all. It would NOT look good to say that they are still on track and planning on shipping the first Production Unit this month and then have to come back later and say “not quite yet”. It would be FAR better to just wait a little bit longer and point at an already delivered one to give the solid update.


I’m hoping for a publisher’s clearing house style ambush surprise for the first one.

… I don’t have time to photoshop a picture :disappointed:


oh that would be amazing. Lottery style? pull a name out of the hat and Dan delivers that Glowforge personally?