Warp Wedges


As I use quite a bit of cheapo ply, ~0.2" thick mainly from my local Lowes store, and most of it warps as soon as you look at it, I’ve needed a heavy duty hold down that I can laser cut.
I’ve tried the hold down pins, but found that they pull out with the strength of this ply, so I’ve designed my own.
Step forward the Warp Wedge.
Much stronger than it looks, due to being in tension, the lower hook locks onto the lower face of the honey comb, and the cut out wedge slides under the top hook giving a variable gap above the honey comb to pull down the warped ply.
Should hold down ~1/8" - ~1/4", but please feel free to modify to suit your needs.

This will give you 4 sets out of a piece of draftboard(recommended) 1.5" x 1.25".
Enjoy, but please let me know if you come up with improvements.
PS the inkscape file is in outline mode, my favourite for designing.


Glad you explained how to use them! Looks like a great design. :sunglasses::+1:


Stole the 10 pound weights from the youngest, then bought a few more ( he is too proud to look at a 10 lb one so…).
I keep a weight on either end of a flat stack and they resist warping fairly well.
Loose or not flat and asking for problems.

Another thing I am doing is adding masking on demand. Seems the longer it is on the harder it becomes to remove.
(Makes sense. It is a glue after all, and will eventually set up).


Good to have you back in the U.S., John. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for sharing your file. Will certainly cut some soon.


Thanks Russell, it’s good to be here. No doubt we’ll see you soon - can’t have too much veneer !



And after all those magnets I got…