Warranty Running Out Waiting on Filter?


I can’t use my glowforge without the filter. The filter is going to ship months behind the laser and meanwhile the warranty is going to be ticking away on something still sitting in its box. Can you please just send me both at the same time? (Or officially begin the warranty when I get the filter) Its already frustrating waiting on everything but then to have the value stripped because you’re making me wait even longer is a bit too much even for someone as patient as myself.



When you get your email you can defer and tell them why you are deferring and you will get back in line at that spot. In this case, when filters ship. You will stop accumilating :proofgrade: credits but the warranty will start when the unit ships.


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As @markevans36301 said, when you receive the email asking if you’d like your Glowforge now, you have the option to defer until the air filter is ready. Your warranty period only begins when the shipper picks it up from the dock at the manufacturing plant.


I had to get creative to use my Pro without the filter, and the solution isn’t ideal, but it does work…


I chose receipt of my pro and creative venting rather than waiting for the filter. I may have to upgrade my venting a bit as winter rolls in. Still, I have had no complaints about the venting, and I’m glad I didn’t wait until the filter.


I tried an indoor growing filter sold for hydroponics and, for the money, was surprised at how effective it was. Certainly not perfect - there’s a reason that Glowforge’s filter is so exciting - but for under $150 on Amazon you can get a filter that will moderate the smells quite a bit. You still wouldn’t want it in a small apartment, but If you vent outside, and then through a filter, the result might be pretty reasonable. Because these filters are a commodity for agriculture, they’re widely available and cheap, so it’s an easy experiment.

Yes another post on venting

Interesting option! Would you be willing to post a link to the filter you bought?


Thanks for the answer, @markevans36301. That’s right, the warranty doesn’t begin until your Glowforge ships to you.

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