As I recall, warranty begins when the unit is shipped, correct?
When a replacement is shipped, is that when the warranty for that unit begins?
Is there a way to know the date my warranty on my current unit expires?


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Standard practice would be that warranty always runs from the from the first unit, no matter how many replacements.

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In most cases the warranty does not fully reset when a product is replaced (would be sweet though). I would guess either remainder of current warranty or 90 days from ship date of new unit, whichever is longer…but I always welcome happy surprises (I.e. longer warranty period).

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If a replaced unit is shipped the day the warranty of the 1st unit expires, and is defective…

If the unit itself carries a warranty (versus some per-person contract), then that warranty should apply to each unit.

Yes but if the machines don’t quite last the warrenty period GF would have an unlimited liability to supply you machines for life.

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Would be nice if it worked that way but it never, never does. Everything I have ever received with a long warranty was based on the date of the original unit. Not replacements or returns. Personal experience with defective cell phones, computers, cars, washers, and a few other items. Warranties don’t reset.

Exception for mom and pop shops that deal directly with individuals vs. just cutomers.


Right… But this wouldn’t be a reset. It’d be a set. If each unit has is warrantied, than that’s the way it is. Otherwise, the warranty is some sort of purchase warranty rather than a warranty applied to the unit itself. And since a purchase can’t have any defects, that wouldn’t make sense. The unit can have defects, so that’s what gets the warranty.

Anyway… Kind of no point in debating any of this. Let’s find out what the answer is.

The answer is right in the warranty details:

This Limited Warranty covers the Basic Model and the Air Filter for 6 months from the original date of shipment to the purchaser, and the Pro Model for 12 months from the original date of shipment to the purchaser.


That is a great answer. Thanks for it!

Seems clear… It does not state that subsequent units use the original date of shipment of previous units. So since none of my units were shipped to me more than once, each unit has an original date of shipment, therefore each has its own warranty from its original date of shipment.

I don’t see any room for another interpretation.

Haha :smiley: Unfortunately, I sense a forlorn hope in your determination.


The warranty is for the purchase, not the unit. You buy a machine and GF warrant to keep it working for 6 months. If they have to send free replacements to do that it doesn’t extend the warranty. They have a fixed liability to keep you running for six months, not a unlimited liability.


I agree with you. If you get a new unit the warranty should be 6 months or a year from the ship date of the new unit. I’ve had 2 fitbits replaced. They give you a year from whenever that specific Fitbit was purchased or sent to you. So my second one was replaced for free because it was within a year of it being sent to me.

Sounds like they goodwilled you if your original purchase date was over a year…

Fitbit warrants to the original purchaser that your Fitbit-branded device and Fitbit-branded device accessories (collectively, the “Product”) shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase,


See @Tom_A, the way I interpret this is that you bought a Glowforge. Not Glowforge1592 (or whatever serial number system they use). And when it gets replaced it’s still just Glowforge, i.e. the same unit in the company’s eyes (for warranty purposes).

I hear you man, and I wish it were the way you were interpreting it. But I doubt it is.

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Hmm maybe. But my mother in law had the same thing. She had two fitbits replaced over 2 years free of charge. We both took it as they start the warranty over from the most recent Fitbit. We both just could’ve been lucky.

The ammount of wishful thinking is almost funny. Let’s make it even more clear. The company has already stated that warranties are from when it leaves the factory, not when you receive it. So we don’t even know if any unit is working at that point. Life is rarely as fair as we want it to be when it comes to commerce.


Exactly what I’m saying. When the unit leaves the factory. Not when some other unit left the factory.

you can try to spin it all you want, they’re going to count it from when the original machine left the factory. it won’t be a neverending warranty. that’s wishful thinking.



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They warranty the original unit, not an infinite series of :glowforge:s…