Waste not want not


So, making boxes and such is going to leave us with a lot of smallish pieces of PG and this stuff is relatively precious so I’d like to not be throwing a bunch of it away.

Not to fear, there are a lot of smallish things to make with it. But what to do when you’ve got rulers everywhere and all your luggage is tagged?

Well, creative toys of course as you can’t have too many. Boxes full are not too much. Good for five YO through EOL.

Here’s my first, I’m sure there will be many more. This one needs right at 2" square.

The Glowforge gives you serious geek cred
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What to do with scrap

Hedgie obstacle course, ! looks beautiful in the Proofgrade® material! What if you made various lengths of this shape: to connect pieces via the center circle (think " cross piece" ?)


That’s why I said my first… All kinds of possibilities! I think rectangular pieces should have a bunch of notches though. Not too many, just enough for some options. Shapes based on other polygons as well.

The biggest danger in these is that one might start seeing larger and larger pieces as scrap ready for making these. :smile:


Started thinking about a “Inexpensive erector set” using popsical sticks (dollar store) and cutting notches like that… Maybe some type of "Jenga® like " party game where you need to keep adding to the sculpture until it falls over or tumbles… :thinking:


Neat idea! For me, though, I’d have to make them smaller, as 2" is still not waste. :smile:


Want . :heart_eyes:
(This is the kind of desk toy I would play with all day long.)


Great idea! Thanks for sharing!


Oh this is a fun rabbit hole. I’m making Escher fish after @m_raynsford’s design. I gathered a bunch of small leftovers and cut a few. Pics to come.

Here is something along the clip lines.


Very creative. :smile: it little stuff like this that always seems like so much fun.


An “additive” version of Jenga made with a subtractive machine!


Oh I just knew that one of you would be taking this to a whole new level!

Thanks for the scallops, I’ll add them to the growing list of things to print to eliminate waste.

I’ll look fwd to seeing your Echer fish as he is a favorite of mine.


Those are fun. I had a buddy years ago who made something very very similar to that on his scroll saw. I’m sure their way is easier.


Every scrap that’s big enough for notches and not useful for something else should get notched. And then painted in a primary color. Anyone with toddlers would kill for a continuing supply of those.


My kids love playing with little connector toys like this: one of the things I can’t wait to try out with my Glowforge. I’m excited and curious to experiment with all different shapes. Creating the repetitive pieces from left-over scraps is a fantastic idea, and when you lose one, it’s no big deal 'cause you’re always making more.


I think my granddaughters will love them but if not I love em!


The pg really does not need paint unless you just want to. The outer veneer is finished.


This could get out of hand, second in the series.


I remember having circular plastic ones similar (back in the 60’s)… those look amazing


I’m afraid that by the time it is said and done there will be 8-10 variants. They will keep me and the granddaughter entertained though.


What about intertwined puzzles, one horizontal, one vertical?