We need to keep the box?!

I was reading the email when they ship your glowforge which states this …

“Don’t toss the Glowforge shipping boxes! Although we’ve done thousands of hours of testing, in the off-chance that you have a problem with yours, you’ll need the box and packaging for warranty service (in fact, you can’t get a warranty repair without it). You can always use the box to store the thank you notes you’ll get from friends who receive Glowforge-made creations, too.”

The box is huge!!! I literally have nowhere to store that type of a box.


attic, under a bed, in a garden shed, in the rafters of garage, etc.

or put a covering over it and use it as a little table somewhere in your place.


They will sell you a replacement shipping box for $200.


Yes I will have the same problem if I ever get mine. Modern UK houses only have loft space for storing boxes but the the hatch isn’t big enough for a GF box. The warranty is worthless for me as it doesn’t cover shipping, so I will have to repair it myself or use it for parts if it breaks, so I will bin the box.


What if you carefully cut the tape on the seams and store it flat? You can always tape it back together again if/when you need to use it.


The box takes up the whole back seat of my Corolla. Its much larger than I imagined now that I actually received it. I also live in an apartment with no garage. But yeah it is quite large!

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its a two piece box with a lot of padding. If I would ever need to use it again I wouldn’t want to weaken the box before shipping either. I haven’t looked at it since, but I don’t think it would be good to do that.


If the choice is between throwing out the box or cutting the tape and folding it flat, I know what I’d do. I guess the polyurethane foam pieces will still take up quite a bit of space, but less than the fully-assembled box, I’d think.


Many folks have Halloween or Christmas decorations shoved in an attic, garage, or other storage space. Use the GF box.

Abandoned car in the back yard? Perfect box storage.

Need a coffee table? Use the box.

Buy bunk beds and assign the box to the bottom bunk.



you could probably invert the box, and keep it as a dust cover for the GF when it is not in use


I’ve been pondering this as well and don’t think that it’s reasonable to ask us to keep a box of this size around in order to get warranty service. Similar to @palmercr, I would consider putting this in my attic (U.S. equivalent to a loft), but the box is too big to fit through the entrance.

While I like the creativity behind the suggestions that we use the box as a table, Im not sure that this fits the design aesthetic of our household. I’m also not sure that the box would fit under my bed.

@dan, any suggestions on how to get around these limitations? I don’t want to forego warranty repairs because I don’t have the space to store a big cardboard box.

No older houses here can have attics, they are different. My bedroom was in an attic in the first house I lived in. They are rooms built into the roof space with proper floors and ceilings, a staircase to get in and skylights. The ceiling does slope down to the eaves of course.

Lofts generally have just a hatch and a ladder to get in and have exposed rafters and joists and no windows. The one in our house is cold because it is vented and the insulation is below it.

That’s my attic. My loft is open to the floor below but is fully finished. It’s all pretty regional.

Like the difference between cellars and basements.

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I see, separated by a common language again.


Ha! But not everyone lives in West Virginia!:grinning:


In the absence of available space in your place in which to store it, you could:

  1. Store it in a relative’s garage, attic, etc. Make cool stuff for them in return.

  2. Keep it in the trunk of your car.

  3. Put wheels on it and use it as the table/cart on which to keep your GF.

  4. Paint it a pretty color, put LED lights in it and staple it to your ceiling.

  5. Mail it to yourself using GF shipping logistics, as long as you don’t need it back within 2 years. Ok, I’m bad.


In the US those are called a “finished attic” and an “unfinished attic” respectively.

“Loft” has a few different meanings in the US, but usually it refers to a space directly under the roof that’s open to a room below (whereas an attic is closed up, accessed by either a door or a hatch).




Wouldn’t that be the front yard? :grinning:


The jokes are all downhill from here. Literally.