We were told the horrible speed and performance would be fixed but we weren't told that it would cost us more!



This is absolutely wrong.


What did you change? I get you’re upset because you think someone is wronging you - let someone else (either here or via a support email) check your file, your settings, and see how they run. I literally have Premium on one account, and Print on the other - the runs are identical.

Are you aware that rotating a piece of art can significantly change run times since the head has to move along a longer path?


The subscription trial is not the issue. Something else in your print changed. I’m willing to bet you have somehow got different engrave settings.

Could be you have positioned your print in a different location, but I would not expect to see that much difference in speed.

Could be a rotation of the file - that can make a big difference.

But I guarantee in this case it has nothing to do with your subscription. As many others have said print speed is not affected by your subscription.



I didn’t realize you can have 2 accounts on the same machine with one premium and the other not. I think you can fix that, having 2 accounts with the same premium, but I’m not 100% sure.

100% noting has changed other than the run time.

And yes, I feel like they are wronging me. They promised to fix these problems and while they did for the alignment and shared it for free they are charging for the speed and that to me is the same as being cheated.

For a couple of grand more I could have bought a traditional laser that is faster and more accurate without a subscription. I do wish I had done that now knowing that they want to squeeze me for more money.

At the risk of upsetting you further, please consider that the speed that the Glowforge motors move the printhead is a constant. My 1000 speed is exactly the same as every other 1000 pro owner. The premium features only influence the process time. Something else is going on if the exact same item is taking different times to produce (not process, produce). Also, most of the people you are interacting with in this forum were also presale customers with over three years of machine experience so have the same usage experiences as you.


You can - I have no interest in doing so. I literally keep the account so that when people have questions about how things work in Print vs Premium I can answer them.


As this is not a thing they are doing, then clearly you have not been cheated.

We can only inform you of the truth, you have to either accept it or move on.


Thank you for you sensitivity. I understand how defensive and often pretentious many glowforge owners are. That is why I so rarely post anything.

You seem both knowledgeable and reasonable. Please accept that I have a great deal of experience with lasers extending to many brands and techniques and I’m fully aware of the mechanics involved.

That all said, can you please point me to an official statement from glowforge that says premium does not make the machine preform faster?

Can you please point me to an official statement from glowforge that says premium does not make the machine preform faster?

From the September 2020 Announcement:
Fast Lane print prep - Glowforge Premium users get our fastest, ultra-high-performance “Fast Lane” cloud servers. These astonishingly powerful supercomputers are exclusively reserved for Premium members. These accelerate your print preparation by up to 4x over the Glowforge Print servers (which we upgraded for free last month, too ).

Note: Print preparation


Conversely, can you point to where they say that premium does make the machine/motion system faster? No marketing person ever would say, “premium does not make the machine perform faster,” but a marketing person would say something like, “premium membership increases your print speeds by 3x compared to Glowforge Print software.”

The only thing you’ll find about “faster” is the fast lane processing.


@enzo, under normal operations, and using the same settings, the machine does not process jobs any faster or slower once you hit the Print button…the only thing that speeds up for Premium users is the amount of time that the GF software “thinks about how to process the design”, before the Print button lights up.


If a previous engrave processed in 15 minutes but later took 45 minutes, you obviously have some other problem going on here. Possibly related to unstable Wifi, or a change that was made to your machine accidentally when the switch over happened to non-subscription. Or maybe you rotated the design, because the limiter to how long things take on engraves is the vertical height that the head has to travel. Or possibly the settings were changed accidentally…increases in LPI will cause it to take a lot longer for the same engrave. (Or maybe there is something going wrong with your machine physically. Cables do wear out. Let’s hope that’s not it.)

I’d suggest you let Support take a look at the logs to see if there is anything they can do for you, and you will want to tell them the date and approximate time of the engrave that caused you problems so they can locate it in the logs for your machine. (Along with the date and time of the original if you can narrow it down. If you have more than one machine, let them know which one it was as well.)

That will speed up the resolution for you. (And they’ll probably want to see some photos, but you can work with them on that.)


Thank you community for the answers and references regarding Glowforge Premium.

I just inspected the logs for your Glowforge carefully to attempt to resolve this without asking further questions, but I couldn’t locate a print done during your trial and after that had different print times. I’m going to send an email in just a moment with some details from your account to see if we can clear this up, and I’m leaving this post open for now in case you prefer to continue here.


Thanks, I’ll look for the email.

Thanks! Based on our email conversation about settings, I’m closing this thread now.