Web app down?

Same issue here. Blank white screen using the web app and also the Glowforge site looks broken too.


Status page doesn’t reflect this but something is borked.

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I really wish someone from Glowforge would chime in and let us know when they expect to be back up. Nothing here, nothing on Twitter, nothing official from what I can tell.


Blank page here to in NY.

This is the reason we NEED a downloadable app. I have jobs here that need to go out.


That would save a lot of trouble when problems like today arise, especially when it’s costing us time and money not being productive.

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There was a recent update:

We have a firmware update ready that will improve your machine’s ability to connect to our servers. Most printers will update the next time you turn your Glowforge off and on. However, if you reboot your system and it doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi, please follow the instructions on setup.glowforge.com. This will reset your connection and ensure the update is downloaded.

Thanks Jules - any improvement over not connecting will be great! I’ll go try now.

Same for me.

Same issues in Utah!

This was just posted to the update page:
Investigating - We are currently investigating an outage affecting the Glowforge app.
Dec 5, 07:50 PST

That seems to be more the rule than the exception. By the time the status page gets updated, the problem is reported here, usually by hours. I expect this isn’t a simple ping/power situation which the automated monitoring & reporting generally handle. There’s likely app software issues which tend only to be exposed by actually logging into the app. We have to develop special routines to do that and run them from different locations to be sure issues with access are identified before our customers start calling.

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The team is currently investigating this issue. You can subscribe to status updates here: https://statuspage.glowforge.com/incidents/h9hlkj4fcszv

We’ll update as we have more information.


The glowforge not connecting to the wifi would show very different symptoms as the glowforge can be completely off and app.glowforge.com would still work for choosing a design and even setting it up outside of not having a current image of the glowforge. As it sits we were seeing a completely blank page for a while and now we see a new error.

Me too

Yep. There’s an outage.


Contrarian point of view: The time I would spend dealing with downloading, installing, updating, and occasionally fighting with a local app is very likely higher than the 5 minutes or so that I have been unable to use my Glowforge due to a cloud outage over the past two years.

For example, a recent round of Adobe updates took me nearly a full day to recover from. Every time I boot up my gaming PC I can expect to not be able to play anything for an hour. To use my Glowforge, all I need is a working browser, on any computer.


I’m sorry for the difficulty you have been having accessing the Glowforge App.

We experienced an outage on app.glowforge.com. The team is investigating. You can subscribe to status updates for this issue here.

We’ll continue to update that page as we have additional information.

Thanks for your understanding, and I’ll now close this thread.