Weird grayscale engrave issue

So in trying to make an edge lit sign from an x-ray for a display. I took the photo and embedded in (inverted) into the SVG for the cutout. I set the engrave to vary by power and kicked off the job. I then noticed that it was engraving solidly on the photo part (i.e. just engraving a large rectangle, and in fact the preview was doing the same…

fenway dysplasia (1.9 MB)
(here is the original AI file)

I will add the display on the left of the settings is somewhat disconcerting since it is a variable power mode and it looks like a constant engrave setting (500/31)

Poor pup!

I think the problem with the xray is two-fold…the background on the Xray isn’t white - it’s actually light gray - and when you engrave any color at all other than white, it burns it…so you’ll get a solid block of color.

Here’s the Xray on a pure white background…you can see the difference.

When you do a quick levels adjustment in Photoshop you get this, which gets more of the background into the pure white range:

fenway dysplasia 2 (347.9 KB)

The other thing is that for photos…the Draft Photo selection might work better for the engrave, not variable power. (That’s for depth.) Removing some of the now white background, saving as a PNG and reloading the image with a Draft Photo engrave setting (draft actually does work better for photos) gives you this, which might be what you are looking for.

Give that one a try and see if it works out better. (Is that for a Halloween display? Cool idea!) :sunglasses::+1:

(Oops…I don’t think I reversed it.)


Thanks as always. Of course that’s not white (I didn’t check since the background is digitally supposed to be black on digital x-rays. So I automatically assumed when I inverted it in Photoshop it would go pure white, but that makes total sense, that the PACS doesn’t make it #000000 but just appears black… I knew variable power would change the depth, but with LED edge lighting that sparkles more light out so thought that might make it more dramatic.


The photo engrave is naturally going to make it a little darker/deeper in the darker areas…didn’t know you got more sparkly with variable depth…might have to play with that one day. :smile::+1:


Interesting the “black” is 99% black in Photoshop (#010101) rather than true black o the original DICOM file.


Have you had a chance to try the engrave again, and were the results better? You may need to experiment with settings to find the best fit for your design, but @Jules’ suggested adjustments are a great place to start.

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Yes, I’ll post results later. Wasn’t awesome…

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email