Hello, so I just got my Glowforge, and my free trial with premium is almost up. I really like everything about Premium, except that I can’t figure out how to weld on it. I just don’t think I can bring myself to spend the 300 and something dollars on the subscription if it apparently does not have that simple necessary feature. Am I missing something?? Help please!!!

Check out some of these replies to similar questions. I think they might get you what you’re looking for:


As I looked at the “free with subscription” designs in the catalog I realized that alone could easily pay for a subscription and using Outline solves many (though not all) situations of combining two shapes as one.

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Grab a free program like Inkscape and you don’t need it.


… and there will be many many more functions that it does than the premium editor.

If you are interested in making your own projects, you’ll probably outgrow the premium editor. You won’t outgrow Inkscape.


If you want to merchandise as your main motive the range of what Premium provides will allow a much faster turn out of more different sorts of stuff almost like it was your design and engineering studio,.

However, if you wish to be the design and engineering studio then Premium is less interesting though a handy crutch while learning Inkscape and Gimp. You can find huge gaps in Inkscape’s ability to manipulate raster images, but Gimp and Inkscape neatly fill each other’s gaps. To go beyond that into 3d you need to start learning Blender.

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