What desk/table do you have for your Glowforge?

Hello Glowforge owners,
I’m finally getting around to setting up my Glowforge and looking at tables.

  1. What tables/desks/surfaces do you have yours on? (Bonus points for product links.) Pros/cons?
  2. Does anyone have an electric sit-stand desk they like?

Thanks for your input! Bianca

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Search the forums for table… There is so much information out there.


There I did it for you :wink:


Ugh, well, I feel like a dunce. :grin:
THANK YOU! This is helpful.

I have this table, which is crazy overkill, but I needed a work bench and it was on sale.

I also have this underneath, which is great for holding material! A bunch of people have them here.

Here are some of the other topics on this. A bunch of great ideas there!

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I got this one and built drawers into the empty space underneath.


Here is mine:

I have been happy with this…

I paired it with a butcher block top from Ikea, but after two days of sanding and finishing, I think I saved about $25. I would have been better off just buying the desk with a top from them instead.


I have this and I kind of love it. It’s big enough for my GF plus another machine next to it, and has lots of storage. The front to back depth is also just right for the GF, nothing hangs over the edge.

I think they make one that is not quite as wide, too.

I got it at Costco but of course, good luck finding one there months later.


Our house has a daylight basement that’s set up as a separate living area, with its own entrance. Up until last January, our daughter and SIL lived down there, and our granddaughter had a bedroom upstairs. When their second child was born there wasn’t another bedroom available, so they converted a large closet in the downstairs family room into a tiny nursery. My SIL installed a vent that tied into the bathroom vent, so he could put a standalone A/C unit in the “nursery” to control the temp and circulate air.

When they moved out, the downstairs family room became my craft area, and the former “nursery” with its ready-to-use vent system turned out to be a perfect place for my Glowforge, which arrived in February.

I went to Ikea and got some kitchen cabinets to use for drawers, and found a really heavy / sturdy countertop in their discount area that someone had custom ordered and then not purchased. When I got it home, it turned out to be 1/4" too wide to fit into the space. I didn’t have any good way to trim it, so I decided to just cut a hole in the drywall to make it fit. (My husband thought this was a hysterically funny solution. I thought it was completely practical!)

The hole I cut was a tight fit, and the space isn’t totally square, so I ended up having to do a lot of shoving and pounding to get the countertop installed, and then I had to do some touch-up painting. But I got it in there, and managed to get it perfectly level. The end result is a SUPER solid, flat surface that is pretty much completely bump and vibration-proof!

(The end on the right is where the table top sticks through the wall. :smile:)


Exactly what we did with a 6’ long bathtub in our first house rebuild.
John :upside_down_face:


This is not only hysterical but sounds exactly like what I would have done if faced with a similar situation. It turned out beautifully …nanny nanny to every naysayer…and I would never have known you did that by looking at the final solution. Slap 'em high, sista! :smiley:


Whatever works. Picture looks good, so I doubt anyone will ever even know that you “made it work” in the space. :slight_smile:


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