What happens if I buy someone's preorder?

So I’m a recent buyer, but have a potential opportunity to buy someone’s pre-order unit that ships soon. I would cancel my existing order (shipping at the end of March) at that point.

I haven’t been able to find current, clear details on what exactly does and does not transfer other than this vague statement from Dan:

You can absolutely resell your Glowforge. You can also transfer ownership to a different glowforge.com account (the buyer’s) if you resell. You can’t transfer ownership of your Glowforge.com account, though, so e.g. founder status is not transferable.

I ordered before the most recent delays, so I have my own extended warranty to 12 months and the PG freebies, etc.

  • Would I get the pre-order shipping date if we transfer ownership before shipping, or would it have to be after shipping?
  • Would I forfeit the extra warranty and credits entirely? Or just the extras that come with pre-order?
  • Any other relevant details?

Thanks all! Looking forward to being an owner, one way or another.


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Personally I would love for you to do this & get your Glowforge sooner. Unfortunately, the way it’s structured, it doesn’t work.

The old owner can sell the machine, but not the account with the goodies. Your account with the goodies is tied to your purchase, and would be deleted when you cancelled. So you could do it, but you’d wind up without the goodies.

I’m sorry.


Consider, that some of those “Goodies” that Dan is referencing, COULD be the extended warranty.

I take a more conservative approach, I would play it safe unless you had an itemized list of those goodies, and what you would be loosing. Thus, you could make a 100% informed decision.

The warranty is exactly what decided it for me – I’d rather wait now that I have the extra 6 months of warranty time on my own unit. If I were getting it at a better price, might be a different story.

It pales in comparison to what most of you have been through, but I feel like I’ve been waiting forever, too. I saw the original campaign and was SO EXCITED, but didn’t have $2k then. I bought when it looked like the kinks were finally worked out and I had the funds. Sucks to have to wait more, but I know I’ve got no sympathetic ears over here on that! :wink:


You’ve got mine. We let you down too - I’m sorry for that. I hope it’s everything you wanted when you get it!


wait, so if one was to sell their glowforge then the warranty would magically shorten by 6 months because the original purchaser sold it? really?

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It’s all in the phrasing, but yes. The extended 6 month warranty (after the initial standard 6 month warranty) is not transferable.

Id like dan or someone to confirm that, because if so… Wow

Here you go where warranty is specifically identified as an extra bonus for Founder accounts. All those extras are only for Founder accounts which, as Dan stated above, goes away once the account gets deleted.


Yep, see that with the wording now.

It reverts to the same warranty you would get if you bought a GF today. They aren’t changing the purchase warranty offered to everyone, just not transferring the founders bonus warranty.

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This is correct.

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This if fine by me.

This extension is because YOU, the original purchaser had to wait. This is also a GIFT to you, the original purchaser.

The company would in fact, by law and blah blah blah, support the unit up until the original warranty.

Lets be clear, its a GIFT. Warranties are essentially an insurance calculation. This gift translates to Glowforge taking a statical loss. Not easy to do or convince a company to allow.

Hey @dan, can you add to the list the concept of purchase a renewed warranty? For my clients I install/sell servers too, I recommend a extended warranty, and when that runs out I go to the manufacture and request a quote to continue that warranty. They throw me back a price and the client and I discuss.

Since this is a large investment on a personal level, it would be great to have that option down the road.

Just a thought! :slight_smile:


You bet - thanks!