What is a "glowforge accessory kit - pro"

When i look at my purchase history i see 3 items that I dont recognize.

Glowforge Accessory Kit - Pro $0.00 x 1 $0.00
(is this the safety glasses? What else is included?)
Glowforge Starter Pack Kit $0.00 x 1 $0.00
(what does this include?)
Glowforge Filter Cartridge $0.00 x 1 $0.00
(how often does the filter need changed?, Will the glowforge “ping” me when the filter needs changed or will it be just when i want to do it?)

Glowforge Accessory Kit
Since yours is Pro, I don’t know exactly. For Basic that generally includes hose, hose clamps, wipes, lens removal tool. I think that covers it.

Glowforge Starter Pack Kit
I think that’s a sample pack of :proofgrade: materials. I don’t think they’re all the same. It includes a variety of materials… woods, leather, acrylics.

Glowforge Filter Cartridge
I don’t know if that information has been released, but I don’t know those answers.

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For the pro accessories I think there are also a pair of safety glasses and a pair of metal shutters to close off the slots when not in use.


We just changed our ecommerce system to track each pack separately, which is why they just showed up.

Inside the Glowforge Accessory Kit - Pro, you’ll find your jet black ferrous steel crumb tray, your lens tool, lens wipes, an exhaust hose, and your Pro Glasses.

The Glowforge Starter Pack Kit will include a selection of Proofgrade Materials to get you started with your first prints!

Every air filter order comes with a filter cartridge, which you’ll need to operate the filter. (If you’d like to learn more about it, that’d be a good topic for a second question - we’re trying to keep one question per topic in this section of the forum).