What is best way to add joints to this?

I would like to add tabs to a birdhouse design to use for christmas presents. I’m still learning to basics of AI but I think I have the basic shapes laid out. I’ve use some of the online box generators before but I cant figure out how combine my design with this. I understand the sides wont be flush if I want an angled sides but I’m thinking if I fill the gaps and sand the exposed corners that result from angling the sides it will look good. I’ve included the svg of what I have so far and the wesite with the template of what i’m trying to recreate. Thanks! :smile:



This will take you down a rabbit hole of types of finger joints:

This gives a rabbit hole of box generators - which might allow you to get your pieces pre-tabbed:

and this is showing how to add serrations to tabs, but gives the quick steps to add one image to another: Serrated tabs - no more glue

Good luck!


Honestly? That is a simple enough design that I’d start from scratch in Fusion 360 and use it as a learning / practice modeling exercise. And, in the process, you can make it fully parametric!

I found this to be an exceptionally good tutorial that covers pretty much everything you would need to model that, including the joints.

Though only tricky bit would be that you’ll need to cut your slots in the base to be bigger to accommodate the angle. But that should be straightforward.


Interesting info, especially the first link, thank you!

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