Tab-Box Generator

I saw this over on the Inventables forum…not sure if it has been posted here or not. It could make life a lot simpler for some people (me, really, I’m talking about myself).

paulkaplanInventablesSep '15
I’ve posted a new app that creates tabbed boxes a là makercase, although with fewer options. It works best when you use the dog bone generator on it after creating the box.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.28.29 AM.png1850x1238 83.8 KB
I’ve also posted the source if anyone is interested in how it works. Pull requests are welcome for improving the functionality!


I’m not sure if that’s one of the box generators we have links for or not, but when I try to follow the link, I get a Github error. :cry:


thx for posting - I will check that out
here are some notes I have wrt box generators:

Box Generator tools:Parametric Box generator,, =
other box generators:

  • lists these:
  • (Display Image & the generator I used for my box)
  • >>> has cool t-slot connection options <<<

Looks like the Inventables post was from 2015. The repo referenced is no longer on his github account (as far as I can tell).

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Wow! That last link is a treasure trove once you accept cookies and set to English (unless you speak Dutch). Definitely bookmarked!


Yeah. Don’t have a big interest in making laser cut boxes just because I can. But all of those options open up a lot of design pathways in the brain.

Er, shouldn’t that be ‘German’ ?

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Dutch, Deutch, whatever it takes… :wink:

Dumme Rechtschreibprüfung!


Nederlandse of Deutch :wink:

The keppel link is DOA just FYI.

And as @dwardio noted, that last link looks very interesting. Thank you.

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Don’t forget our own @kigster’s
Online PDF box generator with symmetric notches –

And Inkscape has an extension that works pretty well.


This is the working link


I don’t speak German (or English well) but best as I can figure there is a registration fee of 13 Euros to get the password. And you might have to wait 2 or 3 days for the password email. It seemed at first as if the passwords were for greater than 100 uses but I can’t download any of the fancy box types for free. If you just want to use the simplest standard box type the password is “freebie”.

I’ve been using @kigster’s for a project lately - it’s terrific! (Although twice I accidentally used outside instead of inside measurements - would be lovely to have that as a setting instead).


Whoa! @dan — thanks for the kind words!

And yes, I will be adding the inside/outside measurement control shortly, as well as the cookie-based storage for recalling past settings. Especially given that my GF should arrive before end of July (I purchased mine just a few days before the cut-off — phew!).


That would be terrific!

I’ll show the project I designed with it soon… I’m delighted with how it’s turning out.


I was looking for a box maker last night. I would have used @kigster’s, but I was looking for the option for no top and bottom cuts. The crates I am building will have a rabbeted bottom, which I will do on the table saw.

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So many to choose from. I’ve settled on an Inkscape extension for basic boxes since it allows metric and imperial, inside and outside dimensions, kerf, tap spacing, dividers, open sides and a few other tweaks.

However, this site so many options, it’s hard to beat. It’s been posted many times, but looks like not yet on this topic. Plus you don’t have to download and install the code. Here is a box maker server.


Links to six different box generators in the Matrix: