What is the Latest Schedule?

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I haven’t been able to keep a daily check on this forum… :frowning: so I was kindda hopping you might be able to help me figure something out. When did the time reference for delivery changed (from July 31 to August) and why?

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No change - orders made during the pre-order campaign (Oct 25 2015) are slated to be shipped by July 31. Orders made after that should ship by August 31st (according to the currently posted schedule.)

Edit: @Clone has posted the link to the schedule right below this post.


Latest Schedule
Crowdfunding Campaign: We’re scheduled to ship all orders placed before Oct 25 2015 by July 31, 2017.
Post-Campaign: We are scheduled to ship all units ordered after the campaign by August 31, 2017.
Other details: For email updates, click “Announcements”, then the circle in the top-right, then “Watching First Posts”. You can find great information at our FAQ290, by emailing support@glowforge.com, or reading here.
Prerelease units are shipping and we’re working like mad to make sure your Glowforge is absolutely wonderful and in your hands ASAP!

So to translate a little as some people have a tough time with it

if your in group one that ordered before oct 25 2015 you will get it no later than july 31st 2017. but don’t plan on anything sooner it could be a pinch sooner or much sooner but for planning sake you would use july 31st and anything sooner is cool. july 31st does not mean this is your shipping date

and if your in the second ‘group’ that ordered after oct 25th then the day of expectation is aug 31st but could be any time before that just don’t make plans on it being before that and again happy day if it is sooner but it wont be later

again according to current post from dan


Ups! I must’ve misread then :slight_smile: thank you for taking your time to answer me :slight_smile: have a nice night


Thank you for making it clearer. I read something wrong then :slight_smile: have a nice night and thank you so much for talking your time to answer me :slight_smile:


not a problem at all


Does anyone have any good intel on whether or not they’re still on target for that date / what the likelihood of further delays is looking like? I’m a very pessimistic person & the lack of actual technical reasons given for the delays makes me nervous.

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as of the update a few days ago things are still on target from the dates given in dec

Unfortunately we’re as much in the dark as you are about the actual reasons for the delays - all we could do would be to speculate, and that doesn’t really tell anyone anything.

I am testing one of the units now though, and it’s performing beautifully so far. (If that helps.) :slight_smile:


Agree. Also have a Pre-Release Glowforge. There are quirks that are being addressed and some S/W driven features that have yet to be demonstrated but pretty happy with the Basic Hardware as is. S/W will continue to evolve up to and beyond first delivery of a Production unit.

The machine I have was easy to set up and has yet to require a restart, and hasn’t needed any assistance from Glowforge support.


a ‘glowing’ response lol


I havent been updated with the news on the glowforge… but can someone please inform me if international buyers who placed an order before Oct 25, 2015 will be expecting the same shipping date?

Last time I was up to date, the staff at GF were not having much thought in regards to international buyers…

(Time to catch up on the glowforge buzz :stuck_out_tongue: )


I have changed the thread title to reflect the question better and avoid any unnecessary worry.

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The latest that we have heard is that all purchases made before October 25th, 2015 ship out by July 31st, 2017… all of the remaining orders ship out by August 31st, 2017. But that continental US orders will ship before international orders.

So if you are international and purchased before October 25th, 2015…I would expect a shipping date by July 31st, 2017.

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Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

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That is not the same as “ship by”. @Dan said those orders will ship by July 31. Transit times in shipping will affect actual delivery times. It is entirely possible some pre-order will actually arrive in August and some post-Oct 25th orders will arrive in September.

That’s sort of correct but possibly misleading. Dan only said that International orders would not necessarily go out in order of the queue and that some U.S. orders would jump ahead as a result while they shake down shipping issues.

It’s not the same as all US orders go first which might mean International ones would be after August. International recipients may still get July shipping but that’s not been promised yet. Nor have they been told they’re pushed to the back of the queue as some are speculating - just that some US orders may be delivered before an earlier International purchase is.


True, and thanks for clarifying that… they might actually ship, (not arrive, but ship out), before the end of July if things go well. July 31st would be the end limit of when they are supposed to ship out.

So it’s the worst case scenario.

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No such thing as a worst case scenario. Engineers can always think of something worse. Had a hangar burn down because some idiotic small part in an airplane overheated during testing. :relaxed: (Look… I used an emoji.)


ROFL! I stand corrected, you are right!

(And YOU USED AN EMOJI!Sniff! Little tear of pride!)


Let us not forget according to Dan’s latest post in the announcements section our order number/date is no longer the shipping order! Dan stated in his announcement that forum users with “likes” will get their machines shipped first.

For those of us who simply want to cut R/C airplane parts for ourselves and our friends and have no real design expertise or ideas it seems we will just have to shut-up and accept that our support (DOLLARS!) is no longer enough!

I wonder how far down the list I will be placed with this slightly critical post???

Happy Purim by the way!