What is the Latest Schedule?

an unnoticeable amount…it appears to be a fraction of forum users who themselves are a small fraction of overall orders. he said it to be transparent but i’d be pretty surprised if it delayed things more than a single day when you consider overall production targets. it was probably just a prophylactic attempt to stave off later questions if a recent orderer mentioned they got their unit.


Having ordered after the date of Oct.24th your order position Is unaffected. You were going to get delivery before Aug. 31st, and you still are.
There are about a days worth of production to account for that.
It is not a factor of just ‘likes’ that positioned a few to receive updated delivery status, it was a reward for those who actively contributed and supported the forum community. Experienced laser users, artists and engineers. They gave Glowforge input, produced tutorials for the community, that are available to benefit all owners, including you. They gave their time and experience in support. They did more than just stand in line.

There have been plenty of users that expressed skepticism and we’re critical twords the company and suffered no penalty. They are not small and vindictive like that.

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I might be sounding overly optimistic, but isn’t it still possible to get put onto the so-called “nice” list by fulfilling the same requirements that got the people on in the first place?

In that case, then it’s not the singular slightly critical post that affects your position as much (heaven knows everyone has), as much as it’s the lack of overall commitment to elevating the community as a whole. Constructive participation more often than not is a valued way towards do that. Being majority silent, only to voice criticisms without giving back to the community is not a reward.

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That is any interesting interpretation of what @dan has said. At the top of every page is the following:

Crowdfunding Campaign: We’re scheduled to ship all orders placed before Oct 25 2015 by July 31, 2017.
Post-Campaign: We are scheduled to ship all units ordered after the campaign by August 31, 2017.

What he did say was:

The first few hundred Pro and Basic units will ship to some of our most helpful forum customers, irrespective of their order dates. Did someone help you on the forum? Click the “heart” button under their post to let them (and us) know! That’s the best way for us to determine who’s making the community wonderful. Getting these people the early production units will help us smooth out the process for everyone else, since those are the people most likely to share feedback with us.

Those who are selected will be troubleshooting the end user process in order to assist GF :glowforge: staff with the larger number (nearly 10,000 plus) owners by addressing common setup, logins, software and general “it ain’t working” questions. The staff will be prepared as the large wave new GF :glowforge: deliveries and activations.

Those who have received pre-production units and beta units have been working with the staff and discovering issues to be resolved with software/hardware before shipping to the rest of the 10,000+ owners.

BTW, I have not received a unit and am part of the original crowdfunding group.


Great explanation! I had this whole big post going, and read yours and just deleted! :grin:


That’s pretty cool! You should post that in a separate thread - don’t hide it here. :slight_smile:

Yes, international buyers are scheduled for shipment by July/August.

Much appreciated.

They will start shipping before international orders, but may not finish shipping before international.

Not exactly. But we may send early units to customers who have been particularly helpful in the development process. We keep an eye on customers who get lots of “likes” to help identify who the community finds most helpful, but ultimately it’s just one piece of how we determine it.

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