What Shape is an Open Glowforge?

I should be getting my Pro Email any day now. (fingers crossed) I need to build a cart for the Glowforge so I can roll it out into the shop to use the pass through slot. But for Basic usage it will live under some built in cabinetry. Can someone measure a Glowforge with the lid open so I know the clearance I need to give it?


lacking a big square I had to eyeball it, you’ll need 31, 32" to be safe with the lid fully erect.


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Hmm someone did this once already. Now just to find it…

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Make sure your cabinet is at least 28" deep and 41-42" wide as well. (Can’t block the air intake on the right side of the machine.)


Ah! here it is!


Yes the lid is the full depth so when open it is the height plus the depth 8.25" + 20.75" = 29".

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Wait… There’s supposed to be an air intake on the right side of the machine?! That’s the second time I’ve see that mentioned this week. Mine’s solid… no mesh or grating or any way air could pass through it. Can ya possibly snap a photo of that sometime?


Ahh yes. There’s the info. Nice to see it opens all the way up. That was part of my uncertainty.

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Underneath. (No - can’t pick it up.) Chuckle! :smile:


Oh! Got it. Thanks! Never looked at the bottom.


That other post also mentions that 30 degrees is a pretty normal opening angle in regular operation. That will probably be important for me. I feel like 29 inches below the cabinet would make the GF uncomfortably low. But when opening it 30 degrees it only needs to be 16 inches below the cabinet. Then I can pull the cart out if I need to open it more.

Will the lid rest at 30 degrees or will it need to be held open somehow?

ohhh interesting related question. What is the minimum angle that the lid should be opened to that should stay in place? The top of my GF is just under eye height for me when I’m sitting in my chair. When a job finishes, I will often open it about 15-20 degrees which is plenty to reach in to pick something up, but the lid starts falling back closed when I release it.

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That’s where my temp control hack is going to direct cooling air to allow non-a/c warm room use.

(I hope :crossed_fingers:)


Let us know how this works out for you. I plan to use my GF in our 3rd car garage which I use as a workshop. No A/C in there.

I’ll do a full report out. Fortunately (for this) it’s supposed to stay hot over the weekend. Was worried it was going to cool off and I’d have to have a conversation with the wife as to why I had to turn the heat on and into the 80s in July.

Figure it will be useful in all sorts of non-conditioned spaces.


30° from horizontal will definitely require support. 30° from vertical is a bit iffy, so I’d plan on a support of some kind if you are space-limited from a full 90° vertical. YMMV.

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Maybe a support MADE WITH LASERS! Thanks for the feedback everybody.


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