What will be your first real project?

For all of us that are waiting for the arrival of the mighty Glowforge to our homes, what is the first real project you are going to do? Sure, we’ll all make the Founder’s ruler and all that, but after that what are you going to tackle?

For me, the first thing I’m going to try is an engrave/cut of this motif into a playing card box:

It is part of one of my previous deck designs and was on the seal and also on the back of the cards, and I have plans to create a super-limited-edition gilded version of the deck (I kept about 50 decks aside to do this project).

I’ve been patiently :expressionless: waiting for the Glowforge since I originally did this deck in late 2015 and I want to create a super luxurious box with the motif engraved into the paper, along with various cutout parts so that a collector can view their gilded deck without really having to open the box. There’s a lot of detail packed into that small space so it will certainly be a test of what the GF can do! I think it will perform admirably from the tests I’ve seen other folks do so far.

What are you going to make?


My first big project will probably be a map of Rocky Mountain National Park. However, I dreamt I got my Glowforge and literally couldn’t think of anything to make so all I could do was stare at it.


For some reason I really have coasters on the brain.

I want to make some wood coasters with Japanese manhole covers, perhaps with some accents in poured resin or an acrylic base. I am completely in love with the ones posted by @Tony :heart_eyes: and I’m excited to finally make some use out of the manhole cover pictures I’ve obsessively taken on trips there over the past 7 or so years.

Also, my husband and I started curling last year. I want to make some acrylic coasters with a curling house, maybe some stone markers, and our club logo for us and as gifts for our teammates.

I also used to hand-engrave pictures onto acrylic and the edge light them, so I’m excited to make much more awesome edge-lit signs.


Your work is stunning. You are going to make incredible things with this tool!


Thanks for the kind words. I sure will try my best to make nice things! :wink:


Hey @joker, I moved your post into the Project Inspiration category, hope you don’t mind. Once you get your Glowforge I can’t wait to see what you make with it (including this project!).


More art toys! I have about 10 files ready to cut and countless other designs that could become one.


I’m going to make a stiff drink.

Ohhh, you mean with the Glowforge. No clue. I want to do a bunch of 3D type projects but life isn’t letting me focus more than a day or two out. :wink:


I’ll probably make a second ruler. Or a bunch of boring gaskets.

Edit: Whoops, meant to reply to topic. Sorry.


Beeing so close and I’m not sure, but maybe will be this to hang on the entrance door.


I’m gonna make a mess. (Oh wait…already done.) :sunglasses:


I’m going to do a few cutouts of this logo I made for a cemetery restoration group I am part of. I’m going to etch it into some stained glass pieces and a few wood ones for all in our group.


Thinking inlay work.


I like it. Very ‘Over the Garden Wall’.

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Mine will be a Tak board and pieces.


Think I’ve narrowed it down to three designs at least :slight_smile: (At least for now. It’s so hard to decide! )


I’ll imediately jump into the tray puzzles and a range of jewellery so that I can imediately hit the Artisan Markets, hopefully in time for Christmas.


I’m going to make some numbers for my house - I have some, but they’re very hard to see from the street. I’m thinking I’ll cut the numbers out of one sheet of wood, discard the numbers and keep the cutout, and paint it black. Then paint a backing board white, glue the two together, and then fill the number spaces with some reflective glass beads. I’m hoping that will make it stand out better at night.
Then on to some fun stuff! Cardstock, stamps, anodized aluminum. . .


LOVE this topic. I’ve gone around several times about what my first “real” project is going to be.

I think at this point it is going to be a set of coasters and some kind of holder for them. I have several ideas for designs (LOVE the Geek themed coasters I’ve seen around here).

I have several of my mugs that people have ordered 2 YEARS ago and have been waiting for my laser to arrive so I can custom make their wooden mugs with custom lasered logo on the side.

Finally, for Christmas, I am planning on making a display quality version of Settlers of Catan, 6 person version for my family. I have most of the artwork gathered together that I want to use, and concepts of all the pieces. I have most of the wood that I’ll need for the board. Now with the low power option on the laser, I’m also going to customize the cards as well. (lots of detail work in my future)


The coasters part is “easy.” It’s the holder I’ve got to work on. I have design ideas that I haven’t had time to try out yet. But I think it’ll be fun once I do!

And, yes… Lots of homemade gifts for Christmas this year, I think. :slight_smile: