What's the best way to sell leftover Glowforge materials

We have several leftover Glowforge proofgrade and non-proofgrade materials. Thinking of putting them on eBay but wanted to check here first… is there an online marketplace specifically for selling Glowforge materials in seconds? They are unused and in the original masking sheet. Most of them are bought inside last 1 year. Giving them off at some discount with free shipping.

  • Assorted proofgrade color acrylics 1/8" and non-proofgrade color acrylics 1/8" and 1/4" (teal, blue, yellow, red, purple, pink, glass green, white, black, clear)
  • Proofgrade and non-proofgrade plywood, hardwood and veneer. All of them in Walnut, Cherry and Maple.

Although I have no personal experience, I am told that there are destash groups on Facebook for this sort of thing.


If you’re selling without charging shipping, post your asking price. You might get someone to snap them up quickly right here.


List them on the Laser Engraving Surplus group on Facebook