Where can I see my discounts?

I had someone buy a Glowforge that used my referral code. I didn’t get any kind of update. Is there any place I can go to see how much (if any) additional discount I’ll be getting?

Thanks in advance,


You should see it when you log in at glowforge.com - I do.

Hmmm. Mine isn’t there. I sent an e-mail to “Bailey” which got turned into a zendesk ticket (565) on Sep 24th with the e-mail of the person who purchased. I haven’t heard back. Any idea how I should follow up?

Don’t worry, it will likely come through. I’m not sure if there’s something they have to physically run / go through, but it is not immediate in my experience.

We had a glitch with the referral program today - Bailey’s on it, but it might be responsible. If it doesn’t resolve tomorrow, a support ticket will get it set.

I’m also noticing that I’m not receiving all my referral bonus. I’m missing bonus for 3 people that I know used my friend referral link to order! That’s not cool. And maybe even more people used my link but didn’t tell me. Will you please resolve this issue and let me know you added the missing referrals? Because I don’t think it’s fair to ask me to go around collecting other people’s order confirmation emails…

I am one of the people who used her link. One solution is to cancel and re-order, but that would cause further chaos and lose my place in line.

hope this helps you Eveline!

Thanks throughfaith323 / EdwinT! No need to cancel your order for me! I think we can count on Glowforge staff to correct the glitch in the referrals. Haven’t heard from them yet. I hope to get a reply here or see the missing bonuses appear in my “referral-thermometer” soon. Dan’s reply to Alan above says it has to be resolved today.

We just hired someone working for @bailey to help with the tickets that require access to payment accounts - up till now, she had to do them by hand! That should help a lot.

Can you also share with us how long you expect it will take to process these missing referrals? Weird thing is there were some that seemed to come in right away: did seem to go automatic then.

I wish I had an ETA - these are all manual.

This has been 20 days with no update. To be honest, this really bothers me for what should be something very simple.

If you can’t cross check an e-mail address in 23 days that I gave in the ZEN support system, then why should I expect that any problems with the device can be addressed in reasonable time?

We’ve got 6,500 support tickets right now, so priority is going to tickets that can be answered quickly, and those that need to be answered before Friday 6pm.

6,000 of the support tickets say “Can you fundamentally change your product design? kthxbai.”


Those are my favorites.


Hey Alan, I’ve also been waiting for a solution for referrals that seem to be missing on my list. However it wasn’t total silence, I did get a few replies but in retrospect they all seemed to be taylored to stall this problem (and maybe make sure we keep quiet about this during the pre-order phase?!) I still suspect there has been a short problem with the system responsible for keeping track of the referrals and this is why we don’t get a staight answer. It seems to me there is not much we can do. So fingers crossed that the honest GF staff do take time to look into this and fix what needs to be fixed, so this won’t cast a shadow over the prospect of becoming an early adopter of the Glowforge technology.

No problems we know of - just 12,000 or so emails, so the ones that take a long time to investigate are taking a little longer.

With thousands of successful referrals we don’t know of any tracking problems. If someone thinks they found one, it takes a long time to track down what happened. And there are only so many of us, so any time on that comes out of other projects.