Where do you locate the inline fan?

I am getting ready to build a table for my Pro. I have not taken it out of the box yet. Wondering where everyone locates their inline fan (I purchased the AC Infinity 6"). Most tables I see would not allow it on the same surface as the GF. Should I build a deeper table for the fan to fit behind the GF, or should It be under the GF on a shelf, or…?

Mine is 20’ away down a hallway, close to the window I’m venting out.

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I hung it right behind the unit…

(Pardon the jerry-rigging.)


A lot of your options are going to be based on what you build or find to place the machine on. As seen in the example above, getting creative can also have impact.

I had an old (very old) slab top desk that worked great for a GF mount.
It has 34x65x2 slab top and extremely stout legs (they built things to last forever back in the day), so I re-purposed it from a solid storage spot to a more useful role in the workshop against the outside wall.
The end result was a tidy package.


I fastened mine in the wall just under the window I was venting out of…


I have the GF filter but with the cost of cartridges I opted to vent outside whenever possible. Unfortunately for me, the room where my GF is located in doesn’t have a window near it so I used an exhaust port extension and ran a 4" duct to the nearest window. The exhaust port extension acts as a quick-connect on the GF side very nicely. I rigged up a piece of pine with a draft blocker and a small shelf where the fan can sit while I use it. It’s bit of a jerry rig but I wanted something that could be removed and stored in the garage easily and not make permanent changes to my newly installed windows. It works very well though, the cool thing is that the AC Infinity 6" speed controller is long enough that it reaches my desk so I can control the speed easily and adjust if needed as the GF is cutting. Here’s what I used and a couple pics.



I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering…

What are these?


My guess is magnets. I store them the same way. :slight_smile:


Ah yes, I 3D printed some magnet holders to use. Printed them in Red to make them easier to find.


Just a note on that Glowforge Exhaust Port Extension listed above.

That Rockler 4 inch hose connector I used (the left and of the fan assembly) comes two to a pack for ten bucks. (Also known as one for either end, except I went with the magnetic ring. Not a waste since I used the other one when I replaced my dryer hose).

Very easy to mount to the machine.

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Thanks! Good tip, would you happen to have the link to the item you ordered?

Sure thing… (disclaimer: looked at the link, now 20 bucks for the set. I definitely only paid 10 - everything always costs more - bleh).

Great! Thanks - does it easily slip on/off and stain on the GF exhaust port? That’s the one thing I really like about the Port Extension, I can just slip it on, use the GF then slip off and put away my setup. It slips on and there’s no smoke leakage at all

It does not stay on without using a ratchet to tighten the ring.

Ours is midway between the back of the machine and the window, mounted to a little platform my husband built that attaches to the table. (The whole thing is only about 4 feet long)

I finally got mine mounted. Now I can laser day or night, rain or shine. Last week I planted the shrubs to hide my hose from the neighbors.

I mounted the fan to the board that is in the window. I 3D printed inserts to hold the board in the window frame.


The gap on the left is now filled with some “window foam tape”. I added it all three sides. It is now nice and snug.

Here are the files.

window knob

window guide

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I’m pretty sure the most effective place for the auxiliary fan is going to be at the opposite end of the hose from the GF. As close to the outside discharge duct as possible.

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