Where does this screw go?

I got my Glowforge right before Christmas and failed to make the time to post this.

After my first print, I pulled the crumb tray out and found a screw sitting in the bottom of the Glowforge. Does anyone know where it might go?


If you need me to take photos from within my GF, please let me know what angles you need.

Thank you in advance.


it looks like the ones that hold the rubber gasket of the passthrough slot

Thanks. I assume all holes are filled with screws before the GF folks put the guards on with the thumbscrews. Maybe they took the screws out and left one behind? My guard/gasket holes are good. Thanks again for the input.

I’m sorry for the confusion – it looks like your unit came with an unintentional bonus. I’ve passed on feedback and appreciate you letting us know.