Where to buy rose gold acrylic?

Delvies sells it with an upcharge, I guess they are so big they can order it in bulk and cut it for sale…lol

Absolutely, I can imagine! LOL

Anyone try this rose gold acrylic and cut it? Would love to see what it looks like cut!

I also purchased rose gold but it came with a clear film and not that thick tape most acrylics come with. Does anyone know if I have to cover it or can I cut right on top of that clear film? Has anyone actually cut it yet?

Remove the clear film, it will melt & gum up your engraves.

Either laser without any masking but you may get flashback burns on the bottom from any cuts and ghosting/residue on the edges of your engraves on the top.

I remask with transfer tape like you see on PG materials.


Just keep in mind that acrylic that comes with plastic masking is almost always (always maybe?) extruded acrylic instead of cast and it will have a much stronger odor when cut. It’s normal so no need to worry, just be prepared. As James said, remove the plastic masking as it will gum things up. Acrylic won’t stain from smoke and grime, but re-masking can help with flashback. The good news is acrylic is acrylic and doesn’t have a whole lot of variation. Starting with PF settings usually gets you good results or at least very close to it.


Great website, thank you for sharing!

All true mirror acrylic is made out of colored clear acrylic with the same silver chrome backing. I got quoted $245 for the rose gold acrylic sheet 4x8 by a local plastic company. I would get it, but only one company makes it—coming out of NY and the shipping is more expensive than the sheet itself. Going to stick with the free shipping gold mirror since someone else in town orders by the hundreds.

@HolaLola - How did this work out for you, if I may ask? :slight_smile: I am worried to order the rose gold from Delvie’s since it is extruded!

Someone can correct me here but I am pretty sure most if not all mirrored acrylic is extruded.

Extruded by itself isn’t bad… it has a stronger odor (some would say much stronger, but this is a subjective thing), and cast engraves with much better contrast.

Other than that, acrylic is acrylic. The biggest differentiator is the masking material. I don’t like plastic masking, prefer paper – it’s cleaner. But yeah I cut extruded acrylic quite a bit, no issues at all.

Thank you so much for your feedback! I am about to order a bunch of mirrored acrylic from Delvie’s, and it is all extruded as you say. I am going apply transfer paper, but would you recommend beginning with the PG acrylic settings as a starting point?

I’d say start with this routine, you’ll get it exactly right.


Thank you! This will be helpful, especially as all I seek to do is cut shapes from the mirrored acrylic. I’m hoping there won’t be any deformities as a result!

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There are competing theories about mirrored acrylic. I like to cut mine with the mirror on the top surface, so like from the “back”. I mask the “front” side, meaning the side that is down touching the honeycomb, to prevent flashback.

If you’re planning to engrave words and want to do the same, remember to flip the artwork first.

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I see, that makes sense! Could any good come from masking both sides of it just to be extra safe, or would that be a waste?

Couldn’t hurt to mask both sides. Might protect the mirror layer to some small degree.

If you don’t have any masking yet, I’d try to get some proper medium or low tack stuff before you get started. Blue tape etc will grab very hard to the smooth acrylic surface.


Canal Plastics has Mirrored Rose Gold and a TON of beautiful other types. Caveat - I am a new GFer and not nearly as experienced as the folks on these boards. I thought it was me but I just tried to do some detailed earrings (the art decco ones from the free boards) and it looks like hot garbage! A lot melted. SO far I have only printed a heart with a name etched on it - it didn’t position correctly on the GF which was weird and I had taken the coating off so I got pretty wicked “acrylic brushing” which kept it from looking perfect, but the material was so beautiful! I’m really eager to play around with the setting to learn more! Advice gladly welcomed!!!

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Hi! Was it nice to cut thru? Trying to find good acrylic to purchase but don’t know where from. Im looking at Delvies but wanted to know if someone has tried it before I purchase them

This sounds promising! Let me know, I would be interested

Cerulean Tides sell Rose Gold acrylic. However it is not mirrored.