Where to reset forum password

Where can I change my forum password?

I’d also like to know how to change my forum password. No way I can remember the current one.

I would also like to know how to do this.

Good question:

Forgot password

It will send you a link to change it; it’s shared between discourse and glowforge.com.

So I went to the page mentioned and the link gave me a long, difficult pwd to use…never saw an option to change it. Did I over-think this?

Try emailing support@glowforge.com; they’re good at getting these sorted.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to change one’s password once it is reset. This will become a customer service problem if it isn’t already one. Today, you click on “forgot my password” and one is emailed to you but there are no provisions that I can find to then change the password, after logging in with the temp reset password, to something a user can remember. This is a fairly common best known method for managing passwords on a company site.

@dan I think this was under the click on your name pages that have recently been supplanted by the order status information.

cc @bailey so she can take a quick look for you.

I had the same question. I had not logged in for a few weeks and was no longer staying logged in. The reset password is way too difficult to remember and no obvious way to change it.

ditto same problem, I was auto logged in from the computer I did the purchase. however when I tried to use the forum on my phone I needed a password. I did reset password to send me a new password but it didn’t arrive until 10-12 hours later and had expired. support manually sent me a new password but I see no place to set a usable password. eck I cant use a random huge password like this I have multiple devices most of witch clear cache and forms data. so with a reset password button that takes 1/2 day to come in for me (its not being spam filtered) and with out the ability to set a personal password this could be a problem . then again I could just be totally blind

Been here since day one and read every post. Don’t think there is a way to set your own personal password.

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You used to set your password on the main glowforge site. this functionality seems to have been removed. so sadly I think you are stuck

What you might try though I think it only changes your zendesk not overall glowforge password:
on the main page, click on faq, then upper right you can sign-in. let us know if it makes you create a new account, if not there is a change password in the smae location once you have logged in.

I figured out how to do this.
Follow the reset process, but in place of the supplied complex (hard to remember password), just enter the password you want in that space.
It will accept that one. Was easy.



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