Where's my glowforge airfilter!

You know, I am one of the FIRST KickStarter purchasers and have yet to receive my
“FULLY PAID” for, Glowforge Air Filter! Yet I see so many other OWNERS on the
“Owners Forum” page have their Glowforge Air filter… WHERE IS MINE???

       Garon Kendall 

On Aug 10, 2018, at 4:13 PM, Garon L. Kendall garon1913@gmail.com wrote:

Thanks Charles,
What I need to know is, way I was NOT notified of the NEW delay? I had waited
all through July, in anticipation of my air filters arrival. Then to find out its not coming, only
AFTER I contacted with you, TODAY. When was I going to be told there is
I feel like I’m being pushed aside… I really love my GlowForge, yet I can’t use it in the way
I want, and deserve to use it. I was told that it would be DELIVERED in JULY 2018!!!

         Garon K

No one has their GF air filter. I have been waiting at least as long as you - I pre-ordered the first day - and don’t have one. My order page says October 2019 right now. You can check on this at any time by logging into your order page, or you can follow the multiple updates that have been posted here: Air Filter Latest

You may be referring to the compact air filter, which you would have received an email about, as we all did, and as was mentioned in several updates here on the forum.

Also, there was not a Kickstarter campaign for the GF - it was all private pre-orders.

You may consider using the search function of this forum when looking for this type of answer in the future. To do so, click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right area of the forum and type in your search term. In this case, the result linked above is about four results down.


We should probably make that a sticky. It’s obvious to most of us regular denizens of the forum but it does seem to continue to pose a challenge for many folks.


When you say FIRST DAY, if I may ask, what date was that???

Glowforge as of January 2018 you had over $70MILLION in sales, WHERE ARE THE AIR FILTERS THAT YOU PROMISED. Yet you got my money back in 2015…
Does an ATTORNEY need to get involved!!!

If you want a refund on your filter, email Glowforge. If you want a person from Glowforge to read your post, put it in “Problems and Support”.


What does that matter? Deep breath…
You have the answer to your question, no one has the glowforge filter they paid for yet. The company offered an alternative from a different manufacturer.

It’s clear you are frustrated and upset, but SHOUTING into a forum populated by helpful people who have absolutely nothing to do with the delay isn’t the best way to get the compay’s attention.
Your efforts would be better served if you posted in “Problems and Support” which the company monitors.
Here is the information you are looking for regarding the filter you assume is the one you paid for and that you have seen referenced.

Venting frustration is something we all understand, but it seems you are pointing your anger at us, and that will get you nothing but ignored.



I have been talking with Glowforge directly, the last communication in January was from Averly, and Averly suggested I go to the Forum for more information… So here I am. I was promised by Dan in March 2018 that my air filter would be delivered October 2018. Then in August 2018, Charles S reconfirmed my October 2018 delivery. And here we are ramping up to June 2019.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I could do more production. But where my glowforge has located in my shop, I do not have the ventilation in so that is why I need that filter. And I see all the wonderful things that my fellow Glowforge’ers creating and it just makes me sick that I can’t get the production that I would like to do.

Anyway, print to laser that’s my tale of Woe. I don’t mean any ill-will to the glowforge community at all! I am just a very frustrated Glowforge owner!

Happy printing



I ordered my GF September 24, 2015.

We all have had the same information from Dan/Glowforge. They have provided updates on a regular basis, including the option to change to the other filter.

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That’s all of us filter buyers. Still waiting on mine too.

They have provided a couple of alternatives to waiting - the new compact filter and our money back. I didn’t choose the first option because I want the form factor the GF filter is supposed to provide. I haven’t chosen the second option because then I’d just have to buy another filter which would be much the same as the first option (the Blue Whale on Amazon & used by several folks on the forum is one of those).

But because of #2, you’re not going to get an ATTORNEY interested in making a case out of it. They need to prove fraud (not just overly optimistic engineer projections) or harm. Since GF has provided an option including your money back there’s no case to be made (& yes I understand you might be the guy who would have invested in Bitcoin at $100 and sold at $20,000 but unless you can prove a track record of investment success you’re not likely to convince a judge you’ve even lost investment potential…and if you had that track record to point to you wouldn’t be here yelling about a $1,000 purchase).

Your post will likely be ignored by GF because they don’t monitor this part of the forum. At best you’ll get an “I’m sorry we disappointed you but send a request to Support and we’ll happily refund your purchase” because they know what any attorney is going to tell you and they’re too polite to tell you to “bring it on” so they can let you spend your money in the fruitless pursuit of a litigated jackpot.


Glad you cleared that up. :+1::v: In that case I’m glad you got that off your chest. It’s not healthy to carry that around inside. :grimacing:
Yours is a common complaint, there are many others who use it in their business, and when they have a problem it’s to another magnitude compared to those like me, who use it for enjoyment and gifts. When I can’t use mine, usually due to something dumb I did in the file, the frustration is real - just not on the same level as yours!

I personally would do everything in my power to get a working setup, including rearranging my shop to accommodate the venting. That way there would be no reoccurring expense replacing the filter media.
I’m fortunate that my studio/shop was formally organized for casting/welding/cutting and grinding so power ventilation was from square one. Do you rent your space?


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