Where's the Dashboard

The GF dashboard won’t load, and when I go to glowforge.com it’s just giant GF emblems :scream: it was fine 1 am CST this morning :pleading_face: I checked the GF Facebook page for an announcement and nothing, same with twitter

exactly, I had a hard time getting to the community too.

trying now :crossed_fingers:

well that didn’t work :weary: lol

see what else I can try

Sorry gang. Looks like it triggered an outage.


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Here’s the latest GF Staff update.

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Where did you see that? I didn’t see anything from @jae that linked the two in her post. Did I miss an announcement from GF? I’m subscribed to the incident alerts, including text notification.

thank you so much James and Jules. it’s the not knowing that is awful, I couldn’t find anything anywhere. It sucks, but since I know it’s not on my end, I can move on lol

Down here too, i dont even get a message, just a blank white screen.

Why is it EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I go to start a project, there is something else wrong with this machine???


That’s all I had too then after I turned it on, I got to the “something went wrong” screen

Mine is back up!

Yeah. It’s back. But the incident status subscription from GF hasn’t caught up :blush:

SQUEE spins in circles :clap::clap::partying_face: Thank you everyone!

but will it stay up long enough for our projects??? bites nails*

I don’t know, but now we know who to blame. Whatever you’re doing, stop it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Once you have hit the Print button everything is local to the machine. Won’t matter if the browser app can’t talk to the offsite servers.

I’ve been using it since I got the word, couple hours now.

I’m sorry for the difficulty you have been having accessing the Glowforge App.

We experienced an outage on app.glowforge.com. The team is investigating. You can subscribe to status updates for this issue here.

We’ll continue to update that page as we have additional information.

Thanks for your understanding, and I’ll now close this thread.

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