Why an egg? Because it can


Would your jig allow you to put something like clay or that blue tacky poster stuff in it so you could put your egg in it and it’s held by the surface adhesion to the clay but that adhesion isn’t so much as to make it difficult to remove or possibly break the shell?


Well, that’s beautiful.

Random question, what did it smell like?


What’s amazing about this is before the design you had to do had to be connected to each other ( I’m sure there’s a name for this)since you would use a Dremel to remove material. but with the laser you can have design that are free floating since instead of removing the shell completely you just burn enough to be visible yet still holding it’s shape. I’m sure WE as a community can come up with a jig. But thanks for the pics more ideals to fill glowforge capabilities. I wonder if your crazy enough to try a picture on an egg shell :exploding_head:


Very cool pattern. Very nice detail. Very nicely done.

For information on other people’s experience with eggs:


That’s neat. Now you need a fixture to rotate the egg so you can go all the way round.:slight_smile:


Beautiful design! Glad to see more egg play. :grinning:


A dentists drill. You really want to vent that one for sure lol


no. At this setting it only carved away a part of the shell, not cut through the shell. You can see in the illuminated egg the dark lines are the areas that were engraved.


I’m really curious about how you were able to do this.

  1. What material thickness did you specify (since the egg’s curved surface constantly changes vis-a-vis the laser).
  2. Did you remove the crumb tray to accommodate the egg?


Yes the crumb tray was removed, and I measured the thickness of the egg and jig to get the input setting. I used the highest point of the curve as the thickness


Thank you! Just knowing this little bit helps me confirm some hunches.


Why stick to hunches? There are many units in people’s hands and lots of people have tried things. Just ask and validate your thoughts? though maybe in a new thread.


Many years ago, I used to do hand engraving and sand etching on Emu and Ostrich eggs and I was wondering if the Glowforge could etch an egg…
I’m guessing that you used a chicken egg. I would try using the Ostrich or Emu egg as they are quite a bit larger and the shell is thicker.

Thanks for sharing


This was a chicken egg. The only issue I can see with an ostrich or emu is the size. Even with the crumb tray removed you are limited in the height of the material. I assume that most of the emu eggs are greater than 2.5"




Yes, I think they’re usually around 3.5" in diameter. (Too bad. They have such a pretty color.)


You can get some pretty colorful hens eggs as well. And robins eggs would be nice.

And you can dye white eggs before blowing and lasering. (Might be the easiest method.). :slightly_smiling_face:


Absolutely beautiful!!!


Wow… thanks for listing your settings.


Can you share the full settings you used with this?

Lasering Eggs for Easter