Why can't we opt out of the live chat window in the GFUI?

Glowforge team - PLEASE install a toggle or something on the GFUI so we can turn off the chat…
Some of us find it annoying and distracting.
Some of us don’t want it to be forced upon us.

Thank you!


You may want to contact GF directly as the only people reading these posts are fellow users like you.


Hi @grahamaini - We have been gathering the feedback about the chat feature, so I’ll send this along to our team for future planning. I completely understand your frustration, so I do appreciate your understanding and patience!

Thank you!


Thanks, but GF staff read these all the time. See below.


A solution was posted here months ago:

Staff does not officially read the forum, except for Emily who’s the Community Manager not tech support, so if you want to guarantee it gets read by anybody other than other users you need to send it to them.


Thanks for the link!
I was looking into that solution, but don’t want to give the GFUI anymore things to bug-out over (I had about $500 worth of projects ruined a few weeks ago from the Glowforge drawing extra lines through two of them - with no explanation from tech support as to why after giving them the .svg files).

Anyway, it should have option to “silence” it.

But, you are right - they don’t ‘Always’ read the threads and I never make absolute statements, but every thread I have ever written anywhere gets replies from a GF team member.

I will send the query to them also.



You had open shapes - sometimes it’s hard to find them, since the laser doesn’t close them the same way every time.


Glowforge staff constantly reply to suggestions with a “great idea” or “we’ll bring it to the staff”, yet they do what they want whether their customers want a change or not. Turn on the machine in the morning and it’s always a crap shoot to see what they changed without notice. I’ve been a premium customer for over 3 years and the very worse imposition they have made was the Disscord chat that appears every time you hit print - with no option to opt out. While they may think its a great marketing idea, and there are some users who like the idea of being able to chat and ask questions, there are many long term owners who are just trying to get their work done. I really don’t expect Glowforge to respond to requests for an “opt out” button since they obviously know what’s best for me (said sarcastically)

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They have made many of the changes (the hopper) suggested by users here on the forum - of course they’re not going to respond with “Yes sir Mr. @epconrad, we’ll implement that right away.” They post their announcements about upcoming changes by both email and here on the forum (and possibly on Discord as well). If you’ve opted out of email, and don’t read them here, you’re likely to be surprised by changes.

The solution to the Discord chat was posted here months ago - and is linked above.


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