Why do you require credit card for store credit items?


I ordered something using my store credit, but got this message:


With recent hacks, I don’t like giving my credit card anywhere that’s not necessary. I don’t know why you need a credit card for something that is already paid for with credit.

If possible, you should change that policy.


One thing (not necessarily related to Glowforge store) I have been having my clients do is get a pre-paid Visa/MasterCard/AMEX, contact the issuing company to tie it to their home address and use it for online purchases.


My bank allows me to generate limited-use credit card numbers. I’d just create a new credit card number with a $50 limit, set it to expire in 2 months, and use that number.


That’s pretty brilliant.


There are a lot of ways to protect one-self. Like getting extra credit cards with limits.

But I still think the best way is not to give your number where it’s not needed.


I understand, but once I had some experience with Proofgrade I realized I would be buying more, so I was fine with it.
Never had to directly deal with having my card hacked, B of A has like three times informed me that they suspected my card had been compromised, and told me a new card was on its way.


The Final card lets you generate card numbers on the fly with an app, which is pretty sweet.
You can sign up at http://getfinal.com
Purposely not using my referral link just because I’m not sure that’s allowed, but I have a referral link because I have the card and I like it. So there :slight_smile:


I wish they supported apple pay since that generates a per-transaction card number so that each transaction is atomic (replay attacks don’t work)


Actually the card number is stable, but unique to the iOS device. (It uses a Device Account Number in place of your Primary Account Number, with a different DAN for each iOS device you use.) The part that changes on a per-transaction basis is the security code (similar to the CVV2 number printed on the back of a physical credit card).

But yes, I wish everyone supported Apple Pay. It’s by far the most secure way to pay with a credit card at the moment. It should be pretty easy for Glowforge to add support for it, assuming their credit card processor supports it. From what I’ve seen of the Apple Pay documentation it looks very straightforward.


Thanks for the feedback. It has been passed on to the team!