Why have I been blocked from posting?

Every post I have tried to make since part way through yesterday has been removed as spam. Why? I haven’t been spamming If anything I have made plenty of positive contributions to the forum! This is ridiculous and is making me feel a little bit unwelcome here…:frowning:
I assume this post will be collected as spam too…

(edit: ok, I guess I overreacted a bit. It was a a forum glitch) Drama mode off! haha!

Odd - are you including any links in your posts? Email or otherwise? Their auto-spam filter is pretty agressive

Supprising… this one has stayed so far. No, I did get flagged once for posting a partial ref link (my bad) but have posted no external links otherwise. It seems the spam filter has it out for me though

I got flagged at one point because I had a link to the main glowforge page! I think just some growing pains.

I have some hope now that this post has stayed… I haven’t been entirely red flagged as a horrible human being, haha!

This forum could use a link to the main Glowforge page…

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LOL - I was thinking that too - I always have to type in the address to get back there!
@dan - have your contractors put a link to the main glowforge page on the top bar for the forum!

I agree with @Brandon–some of it may be growing pains. I had a post pulled for review and I don’t even know which one. I’ve since successfully posted with links to other forum topics and the Glowforge webpages. I’d keep trying and maybe even email support, but they’re supposed to be reviewing all the ones that are auto-flagged and support has a huge backlog.

Edit: Issue is being sorted. Thanks guys!

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I think akismet is still learning. You posted a referral link and that seemed to trigger a vendetta. I’m letting it eat referral links, but unblocked the rest of your posts - hopefully learned its lesson. Will keep an eye on it.