Why is GFUI so SLOW

taking forever to just render the design and then lagging when trying to move objects in place. Is it me or is everyone experiencing this?

You can always check the status here; https://statuspage.glowforge.com/

Looks like everything is running well, so most likely it’s an issue on just your end. Maybe try switching browsers?


Once the design is loaded into the workspace, you don’t even need an internet connection until it’s time to hit the print button - so it’s on your end.


Are you importing a design created in other software or are you creating your design from scratch inside the GFUI?

If importing a vector file it could be that the file has an excessive number of nodes. Some design software generates unnecessarily complicated files that slow down the GFUI.


That is not my experience.

My most complex design has 38,000 nodes and can be moved around in the workspace just as easily and quickly as the butterfly in the vid above - which has around 6,000 nodes.

Anything above around 38,000 nodes will not process.

Horse is dead - but this is the file I referenced with 38,000 nodes, with internet disabled:


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