Wi-Fi problems here

I’ve got some Wi-Fi problems here today that I am quite sure are not GF related but they do affect my GF.
My ATT Router died and they replaced it yesterday. I neglected to check if my GF was working before the ATT technician left and so now I’m winging it.
The teal light is on and GlowForge VGT-332 network shows in my computer Wi-Fi status but is not selected. If I select the GF Network then the ATT network is unselected.
Not sure where to go from here.

Try a phone as a hot-spot. If that works, it’s almost certainly an issue with the signal from the router.

Some people say “make sure it’s 5Ghz” but the Glowforge won’t even see 5GHz networks. It’s like AM vs FM. 2.4 is better anyway, but many modern routers have dropped/reduced support for it.

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I think you select the GF network, complete setup and then return to your network. Make sure your new router is broadcasting 2.4gHz and not 5 G and then have a look at this video to follow the intstructions to setup your Glowforge again.


How do I tell what my router is broadcasting?

If it shows up when you go thru the wifi setup on the GF, it’s 2.4.

I understand the Glowforge is 2.4. How do I find the router number?

What happens in the setup process after you select the Glowforge network? You probably don’t need to access your router at all.

Anyone around this morning to help me resolve this problem?
I have my iPhone, my MacBook pro and my iPad at my GF.
Everything thing seems to be connected to the internet except the GF Which has the teal button

Did you ever try to use your iPhone as a hot spot as I suggested in the first reply?

There is comprehensive wi-fi troubleshooting on the support pages.

You have to connect your computer/ipad/laptop to the GF broadcast network just for setup, select the desired wifi in the setup process, then the GF will connect to that network and you must do the same with your device.

Yes. My iPhone is setup as a hotspot

And I can see it on my MacBook

The Glowforge VGT-332 is also showing on the MacBook

You connect your Macbook to the Glowforge wifi (VGT-332), not your hotspot.
You run the setup process on the Macbook.
During that process, it will ask which wifi network the GF should connect to. Select the iphone hotspot.
It will then say “yahzoo” or something, and after you accept/close that, you reconnect your macbook to your regular wifi network

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What happens when you select the Glowforge VGT-332 as the network?

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Nothing will happen unless already running the setup process on the device in question.

It will automatically detect the connection and move to the next step.

I’ve done all that but the button is still teal

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