WiFi connection successfull but still have teal button

I followed the setup instructions several time. Tried every article I found on this issues. Nothing has worked. Both the GF and my wifi connect but still have teal button and GF offline.

Did you get to the confetti page of setup? Have you seen this video? Set up again - #4 by Jules

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This is as far as I get. At what point does the teal light go off

After that, you reconnect to your home wifi and go to app.Glowforge.com

Yes I have done all that several times but unfortunately it isn’t working never get the confetti. I’ve also tried with my IPad.

Glowforge support will be along to help you. Until that happens, try turning your Glowforge off and then back on, and read through these steps if you haven’t already. The final thing to try is using your phone as a hotspot and going through setup that way. Wi-Fi – Glowforge

Yeah probably only Support can work through this one. Curious, if you turn the GF off and back on does the Teal light stay lit without you touching anything?

Thanks for reaching out, and I’m sorry about the trouble getting connected. Based on your screenshot, I think I know what may be happening.

When you reach the “Huzzah!” screen, you should see your available networks listed in the blue box on the right hand side of the screen. At that point, you need to choose your preferred network from that blue box. It looks like you may have chosen your network from your network list on the computer itself. This interrupts the setup process, so it will not complete.

It looks like no networks populated in the blue box right away - could you please wait a minute or two, and then click “Refresh List” under the blue box, and tell me whether the Netgear network pops up in the box to choose from?

Thanks - I’ve tried all of the above, phone, Ipad, Desktop, Laptop. Been at it all day to no avail.

So discouraged :tired_face:

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I’m very sorry to hear that. I’d love to help more, but I’ll need a bit more detail. Can you let me know what’s happening when you follow the steps I mentioned? Do any networks ever show up in the blue box after clicking the “Refresh List” option under the box?

I’m in same situation will not connect I last used GF march 2021 now I can’t re connect tried everything

I was able to connect with my phone for 1 print then lost it.

Guess its my wifi. I’ll keep trying

I checked my speeds with my provider.

download 11.5mbps
upload 5.1 mbps

could this be it?

I was finally able to get confetti on my laptop but now it says offline.

Can I tell you how discouraged I am?

Thanks for letting us know, and I’m sorry about the frustration. I’m glad to hear that. I believe what may have been happening when you saw “Offline” after connecting is that the previous Glowforge was still selected in the dropdown menu in the top right hand side of your screen. I’ve removed that Glowforge from your account now, to prevent any confusion going forward. It also looks like you’ve been able to print since this update, which is great to see. Since you’re successfully connected now, I’m going to close this thread, but please let us know if you run into any other trouble.

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