Wifi to get

got new router. glowforge will not connect with new router. what do i do. i did everything it says on the offline info. ive been trying to get glowforge foe 3 days now. nothing n i have big orders to get out by saturday.

Have you gone through the setup process like you did when the machine was new? Are you certain the router is broadcasting 2.4gHz and not 5G?

Read this thread and see if it relates to your problem: New wifi, can't connect


I had the same issue, I have window and Microsoft Edge. I changed my browser to Firefox and it connected.

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i changed n it connected then it dropped went back to chrome same thing so im suppose to have a stronger router but it seems to be not right grrrf

So you got all the way to the Huzzzaa and confetti page once with the new router?

If you have orders pending and you can’t get the new router to cooperate, can you use your phone as a hotspot and bypass wifi for a couple days?

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try a different browser. I couldn’t connect my new wifi (Xfinity/Window/Microsoft Edge). I eventually tried Firefox and it worked.

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thank you got it figured out

What was the problem?

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