Wine glass engraving attempt

Not only is this one of my first posts, but also one of my greatest but failing attempts to engrave on wine glasses. I guess I have the right glass, just can’t get it to look right :frowning: HELP


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I have to figure that out too, lol


You may have better luck with making essentially a stencil you can put on glasses (variety of materials work) and use etching cream.


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Try searching for “glass engraving settings”. There have been some.

I think as I recall I did 1000/full but I’m not deep on glass engraves.


I will definitely try that. Thank you so much


Omg, thank you!!! I will check out the other posts


Here is another option.

  • Stick mask on glass
  • Engrave away the masking
  • Chemical or abrasive etch

I have used the etching cream and I don’t like it. I got much better results from a cheap Paasche “air eraser.” But, you do need a compressor to do this, and you also need to do it outside with a mask, or build a blast cabinet.

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You may find this while search topics, but I know someone commented that coating the glass with dish soap makes a better engrave

I do think results can depend on the glass. The problem is the laser doesn’t really burn away the glass, it chips out little tiny pieces and in some glass it makes for the really rough appearance you got. I haven’t tried it, but my guess (emphasis on guess) would be that defocusing the laser a bit might help along with a high LPI setting.

Here’s some of the glass discussions I remember and there might be some setting in there to help you out.


This is something I haven’t tried and I will. Thank you very much

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Unfortunately they only want to sell you a $100 roll of the stuff. However, if you contact them they should send a sample–they did for me, but I haven’t experimented with it yet. Maybe you can beat me to posting settings!