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Can you add more properties in the task list? A lot of my “print” jobs have about 10 tasks, I triple check all the settings before hitting the glow button, I have to open each task to see beyond the Speed and Power settings. Now we see eg.:
I would love to see more settings shown here, like:
For Cut & Score:
For Engrave:
I’m using a lowercase p for Passes but PS could work too, and since we know Focus is always in inches, take “ off, the leading zero is not really necessary because for now we know the Glowforge cannot cut through 1” material (yet).
There are way too many settings in Engrave but adding these would really speed up the checking of each task so we don’t mess up expensive material. Getting the text to fit could be done by adding a control slider :left_right_arrow:️ to widen the column, I could easily give up a half inch of horizontal screen for extra info, maybe delete the ↑↓↑ icon. We could always have GFUI settings so each user could show as many properties as they want, if people like the way it is now, by default it would stay as is. I would opt for advanced settings :slight_smile: Thanks much!
R.L. Hamm


I will second all of this. I will also say that the little thumbnails should go and the density of the sidebar should be increased.


and semirelated:

Sadly, for lots of reasons, I am dubious that we’ll ever see this sort of thing.

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Don’t want to lose the thumbnails - that’s the only indicator of what the settings apply to.

I want them enhanced so that they match the colour of the drawing the relate to.

My projects are nearly always a mix of score/engrave/cut on a single job with further cut breakdowns depending on what order i want the cuts to take place. So the thumbnails are vital.

This is on the sidebar of the settings screen - not the catalog we’re talking about here, yes?


I say the thumbnails are too small to do any real good. Color coding is more sensible.

But we can agree to disagree here – there’s really no wrong answer, you have a point. This is why it’s so hard for GF. They have so many different types of users each with their own perspectives, it’s really hard to be everything to everyone.


It seems a large percentage, if not a majority are using the GF for business whereas it seems to be more aimed at hobbyists and home users. It’s probably a bit too expensive for that market.

Don’t conflate “a large number of posts here are using for business” with “a large percentage of people are using it for business”. The troop of forum posters isn’t necessarily a representative sample — Facebook has far more active posters.

I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying that it’s hard to tell what the breakdown is, so I’d shy away from implying it as a fact.

I’m pure hobbyist, so there’s one.


And another :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the suggestions, @rhgrafix ! I’ll make sure the team gets them.

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