Wish we had sound cues in the UI

It’d be nice if the ui beeped or dinged or whatever when:

Design is prepared and ready to press the button

Design is finished initially loading

Job is 2 minutes from completion

Job is done

For example, I hit print and then if it’s going to take a few mins I want to be able to turn my attention elsewhere. I’d like the ui to prod me when it’s ready.

Dunno that the GF has any way to make sounds but if it dinged that’s be great too.


Generally speaking, you’re really not supposed to turn your attention elsewhere. 'Cause, fire. And while fire is fun and useful for a great many things. Having one in your nice expensive laser printer is not exactly a recommended use for it.

Granted you do not need to watch it like a hawk, but at least checking every few minutes would be ideal.


The GF does have a speaker:

Although it isn’t used for anything, and the GF company has never commented on it publically. Others have made the same suggestion previously.


Click print. Wait minutes for large engrave to be ready. Stand there like a chump? Nope.

I appreciate your concern for my well being though :slight_smile:

Unless its paper, I don’t stand around watching it. I’ll go do other stuff in other rooms, like a normal human we all got stuff to do. I can’t watch a thing go for hours I mean, even if it is a super fancy lazer, who else is gonna go through my backlog of DVR’d shows?

That being said, I’ll still stop by to check on it once in awhile just to make sure I shouldn’t bust out the marshmellows to get ready for smores. But you do your thing, live your life.

Wait, you’re talkin about the rendering part before the actual printing? Yeah, I usually just hit print and then start workin on files to get ready for the next thing, an audible cue from the app interface in that instance would be nice.

I don’t always read good. My bad.

Well, I did mention 2 cases where it would be when the job is running, but the 4 cases that I listed (off the top of my head, there may be others) were in order of what I view to be “annoyingness”. That is, I’d most like to have the first, then the second, then third and 4th.

The 4th case (job’s done – DING) is maybe the least useful, because it’s kind of hard not to notice the fans turning off. I’m always in the same room-ish and can clearly hear it turn off. The other cases aren’t as easy to detect without some help, and like I said, the most obnoxious are the ones that you just don’t know how long they’ll take, setting up the print or loading the file.

Soo… yeah. :slight_smile:

I usually am doing something near it when it is burning stuff. Listening for a jam or other unusual noises. Paper gets my full focus though.
Got hoodwinked the other day doing that. I heard it finish and park, then there was a constant tock sound.
Walked over to try and figure out what new experience it was fixing to hand me, and realized it was the clock on the wall behind it.
You tune out things like that, until you are focusing on noises I reckon.

But yeah, a melody when complete, or a YouHaveMail type sound when it is waiting on you to press the button, would be ok.
Of course, once this was actually done, Part Two of this will be when people want a ‘disable sound check box’ to shut it up.

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I don’t want the machine itself to make another noise. That might just freak me out the first couple times I heard that.

But a sound notification from the app would be nice, and shouldn’t be too hard to tie into the existing notification windows. But then again I run multiple monitors so I just throw the app up on one screen while I do stuff in the others.

Only hardware thing I would like is an Ethernet port, but that is because I want to eliminate any chokes from the WI-FI.

Yeah I’ve said it before that skipping ethernet is the one thing I view as a serious hardware design flaw.

I second that. Or, is this third?

It’s probably been suggested before too, I’m not that original… but part of building consensus is getting lots of voices involved, so I don’t mind reposting ideas.

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Thanks so much for the suggestions! We appreciate your feedback and I’ve shared it with the rest of the team.