Wood inlay

Around 45+ years ago, my Dad was doing a lot of wood inlay. He stopped when we moved in the late 70’s.

He’s now in a nursing home and I was going through his storage shed and found his pile of veneer.

While looking through it, I found this (below). Apparently he had started it and never finished. So, I would like to finish it. If I trace it on my GF, it only allows me to engrave, not cut. I would like to “convert” everything he drew so I can cut it. Then, I will cut the pieces to replace.

So, question, how do I do it? It’s 20 wide, so it’s perfect for GF.

Thank you in advance!

Have you got Inkscape or some such software? You have to create a vector in order to cut anything.

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I have Corel….

Not familiar with that but hopefully someone who is can give you some advice.

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CorelDRAW can absolutely do it - but what you’re talking about is not an easy job by a long shot.

I’d start with this video:

Which I got from “the Matrix” which has links to Google spreadsheets with instructions on almost everything for a bunch of different programs.

If that gets you where you need to be - great! We’d love to see what you do.

If not though, there are folks on here who are absolute wizards with vectors, and if you can post a clear, well, and evenly lit photo of the piece one of us can likely return to you a vector drawing with what you need.

There’s also the matter of kerf (which is the width of material that is taken away by the cutting instrument). When doing inlay, especially fine things like those horns and reins, you need to make your design slightly larger than needed so when the laser disintigrates a few hundreds of an inch, the leftover item is the right size.


Thank you so much for the info!

Please find below a photo, not with the GF.

Not sure if that’s detailed enough.

Seems like a big project, but as Dad gets older (me too!), I would like to do this for him.

I understand kerfing and will be cutting test pieces on other veneers.

Thank you again! If someone can “trace” it easy, that would be awesome!



There’s still a lot of work to be done, but this should get you started at least!
The top is the .svg, the bottom is the .png that I edited from your original.
@canhover Inlay_V1



Thank you very much!

Dad will be very excited (I hope)!



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