Wooden sword!

Next steps in mocking up play weaponry for our class: Let’s make a sword out of scrap wood!

I’m pretty sure this was meant to become a fence… I like our plans better.

Have I mentioned I will NEVER tire of watching the laser cut my designs out for me?
Phenomenal. Cosmic. Power. #PewPew

I made a second, slightly larger, cross brace… is that the word? and ended up using the first one as a pommel. I wrapped foam around the handle (BLUE! is one of his favorites) and wrapped with leather cord.

:slight_smile: And I got to be super mom. Score!

I modified the hexagons to fit around the blade and cut several to stack and glue for a scabbard. So far it’s lashed to an old belt while we figure out how and where it’ll hang best, but I think I want to add loops onto 2 or 3 of the hexagons so that there will be easier access points… I need to include drawings or something…

:smiley: He seems super happy with the results so far. <3

I especially like how “Griff” stays visible when the sword is in its holder. I might encourage the kids to plan for that effect.


I know a cool Mom when I see one!
That was a revelation for @dan about the viability of a household laser when his Wife asked “Have you noticed the kids are asking us to make them something instead of buy them something?”

Nice work there! Besides saving money and the satisfaction of DIY, there is that beaming smile - not to mention his realization of just how cool Mom is!


That looks awesome!! New generation of kids getting things made instead of lining the pockets of big corporations…lol
Im wondering if I can get away with this at our local Renn Faire. Bill it as a Wizard with a magical Forge to make personalized weapons…lmao


Is that an Atticus Finch T-shirt he’s wearing? Very cool!

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That is so epic! And that expression of wonder and delight on his face…!


If I remember my fantasy novels from childhood… the bottom piece is the pommel, and the top piece is the hilt guard (or maybe cross-guard).

Very awesome work with making a 2D medium produce a 3D result.

What kind of class at that age has a weaponry unit? That is AWESOME!




:slight_smile: I’m pretty sure our students for the class will be a BIT older than G. He’s just turned 5. I think we’re shooting for 9-12? But I’m just co-teaching this one, so I’m not concerning myself with every detail.

I work at a hackerspace and educational hub for kids of… almost all ages. We’ve got programming on top of our programming. :wink: http://www.curiosityhacked.org/oakland


:slight_smile: Well spotted. Dude stole my shirt, but it’s too cute on him to complain.

So jealous…sounds like an awesome program.
My son discovered Scratch from MIT a few years ago and loves it…works a bit in Java too and never looked back. Hes constantly “hacking” his video games and changing the characters…lol


Oh, yes. Scratch is a crowd favorite. Have you met Dash and Dot yet? They are my favorite programming game/toys… So far. :wink:

Those are cool. Hes a bit advanced for those, hes 12, but they look fun to get the coding bug going in kids!!

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The kids who come in the lab don’t use them much, either, but I think they’re a blast. :smiley:

(Most of our students want to disassemble them and see what else they could make…)

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@vettha Griff is crazy adorable, and I love the custom sword idea. Reminds me of this.


I thought of doing the exact same thing - I actually took my fiance last Friday while it was slow so we could stroll around leisurely. Thought it would be a great idea. would have to laser print and design a mysterious box to enhance the magical effects lol


Love the custom crafting there! A themed gift - unique, one of a kind.

The satisfaction of watching your project manifest is food for the soul.
Not in the same class, or nearly as elaborate but I was almost as giddy as she was when I hung this on my wall.
Not a sword, at least not on this planet. Surprised the Romans didn’t come up with a double ended, over-under weapon…
Even adults shouldn’t play with this, I bled three times just making it.


Yeah, beer, power tools and a 48" shiny sharp pointed thing.
Had it in the vise to wrap the handles and had to put a bucket over each end so as not to impale myself moving around.



Very nice work, Worf would be proud


Beat me to it.