Woodford Reserve Bottle

I know it’s practically Christmas, but I have recently gotten request to engrave on some Woodford Reserve bourbon bottles.

What have you guys done? What has worked and what hasn’t? I understand that those bottle come in various sizes, but I am open to whatever experience you have!

your primary roadblock is finding a bottle less than 2" thick, since that’s the maximum height the GF can work with.


The glass engraving settings that are available here in the forum work well for me. As stated earlier, however, you must have a bottle less than 2" tall. You could make individualized tags or veneer lables rather than engrave.

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One distributor I found stated the bottle is 2" thick.

Suggest you print one of these and take it to the store, lay a bottle on its back, and verify.


Note that you can also cut a mask (out of polyester or non-PVC vinyl) and, use a chemical glass etchant. Search the forum for more detailed suggestions on that.


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