Work surface for Glowforge Pro

I was looking at putting the Glowforge Pro on a rolling tool chest with worktop (e.g. Kobalt, Craftsman), so that we can move the unit around when needing to use longer materials.

My only concern before buying the rolling bench. The width is fine, but the depth of the workbench is only 18" deep. Given that the unit is almost 21" deep, will this be an issue? Any other recommendations (trying not to spend more than $500 on the tool case). Thanks.

Good news! This is a well-worn discussion.

I personally share your concerns, but lots of people use that sort of setup without issue.


The big thing to consider is that your exhaust sticks out the back, so you need an additional 4 inches of relief.


I have my unit on a Husky tool chest from Home Depot. It is 18 inches deep and 39 inches wide and absolutely perfect. Go for it!


to be fair, if that 4" of exhaust sticking out the back hangs over the back edge, it’s no big deal. what you need is something that the feet of the GF comfortably sit on.


I just don’t want my Glowforge sitting on a table with a 4+” gap behind it.


eh. it is what it is. it’s not like there won’t be a 4"+ gap between the back of the GF and the wall. the exhaust is there.


Yeah but with my nice deep table nothing can fall down behind it.


if it’s a cart on wheels, it’s not a huge deal. probably easier to get to things that fall behind the cart than to climb over the GF to get things that fell on the table shelf behind it. :slight_smile:


I just bought a Husky at Home Depot last week that is 24" deep. I only have a Basic, but because it’s 24" deep, it means I can fit my wood in the drawers and get 3 “rows” of it per drawer. You may have to ask someone, as the 24" ones were in a different area of the store than the others.

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that is the one I got. I also got an adjustable height desk/table to use as in infeed table because i have the Pro passthrough to contend with.
I really like the chest.

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